McCann, David R.

War and Democracy : A Comparative Study of the Korean War and the Peloponnesian War. - 1 online resource (414 pages) - eBooks on Demand .

Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- Introduction -- Part I. Democracy: Bellicose, Imperial, or Idealistic? -- 1. Democratic Warfare, Ancient and Modern -- 2. The American Imperium -- 3. The American Empire: A Case of Mistaken Identity -- Part II. Categorizing Wars: Civil or Hegemonic, Decisive or Cyclical? -- 4. When Sparta Is Sparta but Athens Isn't Athens: Democracy and the Korean War -- 5. Stalin and the Decision for War in Korea -- 6. The Effects of the Peloponnesian (Athenian) War on Athenian and Spartan Societies -- Part III. Third Forces, or Shrimps Between Whales -- 7. The Case of Plataea: Small States and the (Re-)Invention of Political Realism -- 8. The Korean War and North Korean Politics -- 9. The Korean War and South Korean Politics -- Part IV. Demagogues? or Domestic Politics in Democracies at War -- 10. McCarthyism and the Korean War -- 11. Korea, the Cold War, and American Democracy -- 12. Warfare, Democracy, and the Cult of Personality -- Part V. Realism, Militarism, and the Culture of Democracies at War -- 13. Thucydides Theoretikos/Thucydides Histor: Realist Theory and the Challenge of Ristory -- 14. Father of All, Destroyer of All: War in Late Fifth-Century Athenian Discourse and Ideology -- 15. Characters and Characteristics of Korean War Novels -- Chronology -- Contributors -- Index.

A comparison of the cultural and political/institutional dimensions of war's impact on Greece during the Peloponnesian War, and the United States and the two Koreas, North and South, during the Korean War. It demonstrates the many underlying similarities between the two wars.


Greece -- History -- Peloponnesian War, 431-404 B.C.
Korean War, 1950-1953.

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