Quesenberry, Keith A., 1971-

Social media strategy : marketing and advertising in the consumer revolution / Keith A. Quesenberry. - xv, 239 pages : ilustrations ; 26 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Part I. An overview of social media : The scale and scope of social media : The rise of social media ; The size of social influence : MIni case: Kony 2012 ; Theoretically speaking: interactivity and two-way communication ; Social plan part 1: Discover and explore -- Shifting influences and the decline of push marketing : When push comes to shove ; Mass media to consumer communication : Mini case: Sony Europe ; Theoretically speaking: social presence and media richness ; Social plan part 2: Adding to the noise -- A marketer's point of view: moving from control to engagement : The advertising age is over : Mini case: Queensland tourism ; From interruption to engagement ; Theoretically speaking: the four Ps to the four Cs ; Social plan part 3: Quantifying engagement -- Part II. No hype: a strategic framework that works : Lay a foundation, frame the conversation : Goals, analysis and targets : Mini case: Old Spice new target ; Listen with a social media audit ; Theoretically speaking: market segmentation ; Social plan part 4: Objectives, target, situation analysis, and audit -- Make repairs and jumpstart the conversation : Fix operations, product, and service issues ; Big ideas and being interesting : Mini case: Chipotle Scarecrow ; Theoretically speaking: ethnographic observational research ; Social plan part 5: Repair plan and big idea -- The magic number 3: integrating social, marketing, and PR : The real convergence ; Think like an expert in all fields : Mini case: Burger King subservient chicken ; Theoretically speaking: corporate and marketing communication, and PR and advertising ; Social plan part 6: Integrate traditional marketing with social strategy -- Part III. Choose social options for target, message, and idea : Social networks, blogs, and forums : Choosing social options ; Social networks ; Blogs and forums : Mini case: GM Fastland Blog ; Social plan part 7: Select social networks, blog platforms and forums -- Microblogging and media sharing : Microblogging ; Media sharing : Mini case: Pharrell's "Happy" ; Social plan part 8: Choose most strategic content sharing -- Geo-location, ratings, and reviews : Geo-location ; Rating and reviews : Mini case: McDonald's Q & A ; Social plan part 9: Strategic use of location, ratings, and reviews -- Social bookmarking and social knowledge : Social bookmarking : Mini case: Behr Paints BuzzFeed ; Social knowledge ; Podcasts ; Feeling overwhelmed is natural ; Social plan part 10: Buzz building and knowledge sharing -- Part IV. Integrating social media across organizations : Crowdsourcing social media research : Real-time intelligence ; Leveraging the wisdom of the crowd : Mini case: Fiat Mio ; Theoretically speaking: local search constrains R & D ; Social plan part 11: Adding crowdsourcing into a campaign -- Branded content and customer evangelism : Creating a new level of engagement : Mini case: Dove real beauty sketches ; Supercharge word-of-mouth ; Theoretically speaking: consumer-brand relationships ; Social plan part 12: Creating branded content and motivating brand evangelists -- Customer service: the art of turning complaints into compliments : the customer is always right : Mini case: Hertz 24/7 social care ; Social care is no longer a choice ; Theoretically speaking: word-of-mouth in a service context ; Social plan part 13: Creating cross-functional social care -- Part V. Pulling it all together : Write your plan, plan your sell : Slow and steady wins the race ; Content creation takes time and focus ; Theoretically speaking: uses and gratification ; Leap of faith? : Mini case: Saucony Find Your Strong : Social plan part 14: Compile the parts and sell the story -- Appendix : The complete social plan (parts 1-14) ; Quick five-step social plan ; Social media tools and resources.

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Internet marketing.
Internet advertising.
Social media.
Internet in public relations.

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