Brooks, Corey M.

Liberty Power : Antislavery Third Parties and the Transformation of American Politics. - 1 online resource (311 pages) - eBooks on Demand American Beginnings, 1500-1900 . - American Beginnings, 1500-1900 .

Contents -- Introduction -- Chapter One. Political Abolition and the Slave Power Argument, 1835-1840 -- Interlude One. "Bowing Down to the Slave Power": Northern Whigs, Slavery, and the Speakership, 1839 -- Chapter Two. Agitating the Congress: Abolitionist Lobbying and Antislavery Alliances, 1836-1844 -- Interlude Two. "A Temporary 'Third Party'": Antislavery Whig Dissidents in the 1841 Speakership Contest -- Chapter Three. Building Third-Party Electoral Power, 1841-1846 -- Chapter Four. Antislavery Upheaval in the Capitol: The Wilmot Proviso Debates and the Widening Sectional Divide, 1846-1848 -- Interlude Three. "Let the Lines Be Drawn": Conscience Whig Insurgency and the 1847 Speakership Election -- Chapter Five. Liberty Men and the Creation of an Anti-Slave Power Coalition, 1846-1849 -- Interlude Four. "Glorious Confusion in the Ranks": The Free Soil Balance of Power, 1849 -- Chapter Six. Free Soil Politics and the Twilight of the Second Party System, 1849-1853 -- Chapter Seven. The Nebraska Outrage and the Advent of the Republican Party, 1853-1855 -- Interlude Five. "A New Era in Our History": The Longest Speakership Contest in American History and the First Republican National Victory, 1855-1856 -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgments -- Abbreviations -- Notes -- Index.


Liberty Party (U.S.: 1840-1848).

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