Tanner, Jr., John F.

Dynamic Customer Strategy : Today's CRM. - 1 online resource (168 pages) - eBooks on Demand .

Contents -- CHAPTER 1. Big Data and Dynamic Customer Strategy -- CHAPTER 2. The Elements of Dynamic Customer Strategy -- CHAPTER 3. Making Sense of Big Data -- CHAPTER 4. Operationalizing Strategy -- CHAPTER 5. Acquiring Big (and Little) Data -- CHAPTER 6. Analytics for the Rest of Us -- CHAPTER 7. Turning Models Into Customers -- CHAPTER 8. Of Metrics and Models -- CHAPTER 9. Making the Case for Big Data Solutions -- CHAPTER 10. Customer Culture -- Notes -- References -- Index -- Ad page.

Marketers, merchandisers, and sales executives alike are struggling with Big Data - the data streaming at increasing speeds from myriad channels and options for communicating with customers. The tools are likely to continue to multiply, paralyzing many executives with simply too many choices. Using data from a four-year study, this book provides a process for rigorous decision making, eliminating the paralysis and optimizing decision making for marketing performance. This book is intended for a broad audience including students and professors in graduate business schools, and practicing business executives. The goal is to inform marketing practice and help current and future business leaders navigate through the competitive storms unleashed by technological change.


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