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"Domestic Homicides and Death Reviews" -- "Preface" -- "Acknowledgements" -- "Contents" -- "List of Figures" -- "List of Tables" -- "Section I A Country-Specific Focus on Domestic Homicides and Death Reviews" -- "1 Domestic/Family Violence Death Reviews: An International Comparison" -- "Introduction" -- "Method" -- "Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria" -- "Definitions" -- "Review Identification Strategy" -- "Data Collection and Analysis" -- "Limitations" -- "Results" -- "Overview" -- "Governance and Structure" -- "Jurisdiction Level" -- "Statute /Code/Executive Order" -- "Year of Establishment" -- "Governing Body" -- "Review Team Composition" -- "Determination of Scope" -- "Case Inclusion Criteria" -- "Types of Fatalities/Near Fatalities Reviewed" -- "Proportion of Relevant Deaths Reviewed" -- "Death Review Timing" -- "Average Annual Frequency of Incidents Reviewed" -- "Outputs" -- "Reporting" -- "Making Recommendations" -- "Responses and Tracking/Follow-up of Recommendations" -- "Achievements and Outcomes" -- "Discussion" -- "Summary of Key Findings" -- "Strengths and Limitations" -- "Implications for Practice, Policy and Research" -- "Conclusion and Future Directions" -- "References" -- "2 United States" -- "Trends and Patterns in Intimate Partner Homicide" -- "The Impetus for the Establishment of Domestic Violence Fatality Review Teams (DVFRTs) in the United States" -- "The Governance, Structure, and Review Criteria of Teams" -- "Governance and Structure" -- "Review Criteria" -- "Review Process" -- "The Potential Outcomes of DVFR Work in the United States" -- "Implementing Team Recommendations and Other Related Outcomes" -- "Changing Rates of IPH" -- "Children Exposed to IPH" -- "DVFR Work and Racial/Ethnic Minorities" -- "DVFRTs and Risk Assessment" -- "References" -- "3 Canada" -- "Introduction" -- "Domestic Homicide in Canada". "The Ontario DVDRC" -- "Governance and Structure" -- "Scope and Process of Reviews" -- "Data Collection" -- "Trends and Patterns in Domestic Violence Death Reviews in Ontario" -- "Understanding the Role Played by Risk Factors" -- "Trends and Patterns in Recommendations and Emerging Themes from Review Over Time" -- "Frequency, Type, and Content of Ontario DVDRC Recommendations" -- "Separation as a Critical Risk Factor" -- "Immigration/Refugee Status and/or Adjustments to Different Cultural Environments" -- "Domestic Violence and the Workplace" -- "Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as Tools of Abuse" -- "Domestic Violence in Aboriginal Communities" -- "Conclusion" -- "References" -- "4 United Kingdom" -- "Introduction" -- "Domestic Homicide in the United Kingdom" -- "Responses to Domestic Violence in the United Kingdom" -- "Antecedents of Domestic Homicide Reviews" -- "The Criminal Justice System" -- "Social Work Policy and Practice" -- "Media Pressure and Campaigning" -- "The Murder of Julia Pemberton (2003)" -- "The Murder of Banaz Mahmod (2005)" -- "Domestic Homicide Reviews" -- "Remit and Purpose" -- "Structure and Operating Culture" -- "Results of DHRs" -- "Summaries of Recent DHR Reports" -- "The Murders of Kimberley, Kayleigh and Kim Buckley" -- "The Murder of Eddie Miller" -- "The Wider Impact of DHRs" -- "Directions for Further Development" -- "The Role of the Family and the Voluntary Sector" -- "Moving Beyond Homicide" -- "Moving Beyond the Criminal Justice System" -- "Changing the Culture of Domestic Violence Responses" -- "References" -- "5 Australia" -- "Introduction" -- "Background to the Establishment of Domestic and Family Violence Fatality Reviews in Australia" -- "The Implementation of Fatality Review Processes in Australia and the Development of the National Network". "The Operation of Domestic and Family Violence Fatality Review Processes in Australia" -- "Similarities and Differences" -- "The Development of the Network" -- "Key Themes and Findings of Death Review Processes in Australia to Date" -- "Where to from Here? Best Practice and Insights in Collaboration Moving Forward" -- "References" -- "6 New Zealand" -- "The Structure of the FVDRC" -- "The Status and Structure of the FVDRC" -- "The Functions and Scope of the FVDRC" -- "The Death Review Process" -- "Tier 1 Data" -- "Intimate Partner Violence Deaths" -- "Child Abuse and Neglect Deaths" -- "Intrafamilial Family Violence Deaths" -- "Tier 2 Data" -- "Informational Powers and Restrictions" -- "Reform Opportunities" -- "The Impact of Mortality Review" -- "Findings from the Death Reviews" -- "Diagnostic Change Strategies" -- "Complexity Theory and Systemic Reform" -- "Dialogic Change Strategies" -- "Conclusion" -- "References" -- "Section II Understanding the Challenges, Benefits and Impacts of Domestic Violence Death Reviews" -- "7 Challenges in Defining Domestic Homicide: Considerations for Research and Practice" -- "Introduction" -- "How Domestic Violence Death Review Committees Define Domestic Homicide" -- "Collapsing Versus Differentiating Intimate Partner Homicide and Familial Homicide" -- "Treatment of Dating Relationships" -- "Secondary Victims" -- "Considerations for Research, Practice, and Policy" -- "Defining Victims" -- "Defining Intimacy and Domesticity" -- "Relationship Type and Length" -- "Age and Intimacy" -- "Understanding Power, Control, and Victim Vulnerability" -- "Defining Homicides by Other Names" -- "Concluding Thoughts: Defining Domestic Homicide to Inform Research, Intervention, and Prevention" -- "References" -- "8 Ethical Conundrums in the Establishment and Operation of Domestic/Family Violence Fatality Reviews" -- "Introduction". "The Ethics of Confidentiality" -- "The Ethics of Review Approaches" -- "The Ethics of Team Interactions with Communities" -- "The Ethics of Case Selection" -- "The Ethics of the Confidentiality Waiver" -- "The Ethics of Family Member Participation" -- "The Ethics of Dissemination of Information" -- "The Ethics of Recommendations" -- "Conclusion" -- "References" -- "9 The Impact of Family Members’ Involvement in the Domestic Violence Death Review Process" -- "Introduction" -- "Model of Advocacy for Families Is Probably Unique" -- "Background to DHRs-Family Members" -- "Being Integral to Reviews Not Just Being Involved" -- "Specialist Advocacy for Families and the Importance of Peer Support" -- "Opportunity for Families to Contribute to Review Scope" -- "Choice for Families in How They Contribute and How Often" -- "Families Should Be Updated Appropriately" -- "Families Need Time and Privacy to Review Draft Reports" -- "Families Need Opportunity to Record Areas of Disagreement" -- "Five Outcomes When Families Are Treated as Integral to Reviews" -- "Impact of Family Members on the Review" -- "Families’ Contribution" -- "Input from Friends" -- "The Empirical Contribution of Families" -- "Other Input from Families" -- "Family Contribution Where the Victim Had Not Contacted Agencies for Help" -- "The Perpetrator Role in the Review and How It May Distort Reality" -- "Family Input After the Review" -- "Publication of DHRs" -- "Impact of the Review on Family Members" -- "The Resilience of Families Is Underestimated" -- "The Lesser Status of Families" -- "Conclusion" -- "The Unconscious March Towards Complicity" -- "References" -- "10 Indigenous Populations and the Domestic Violence Death Review Process" -- "Introduction" -- "Contemporary Status of Family Violence and Child Abuse and Neglect" -- "Pre-colonisation Traditional Indigenous Culture". "Indigenous Peoples and the Death Review Process" -- "Australia" -- "Canada" -- "Aotearoa NZ" -- "United States" -- "Impact of Colonisation on Family Roles and Functioning" -- "Contextual Complexities of Indigenous Family Violence" -- "Re-establishing Protective Traditional Cultural Knowledge" -- "Learning from Death Reviews" -- "Conclusions" -- "References" -- "11 Children Killed in the Context of Domestic Violence: International Perspectives from Death Review Committees" -- "Children as a Focus in Domestic Violence Death Reviews" -- "Overall Pattern of Risk Factors for Child Domestic Homicides" -- "Recommendations from DVDRCS from Preventing Child Deaths in the Context of Domestic Violence" -- "Risk Assessment with Children in the Context of Domestic Violence" -- "Enhanced Agency and System Collaboration to Protect Children" -- "Professional Training/Education on Children Living with Domestic Violence" -- "Future Directions from Child Homicide Reviews in the Context of Domestic Violence" -- "References" -- "12 Death Reviews in the Context of Domestic Homicide in Low- to Middle-Income Countries: South Africa as a Case Study" -- "Introduction" -- "The Policy Experience and Violence Prevention" -- "Why Does South Africa Need Domestic Violence Death Reviews?" -- "Data on Intimate Partner Violence Against Women" -- "Femicide in South Africa" -- "Violence Against Children and Intimate Partner Violence" -- "The Child Death Review (CDR) Pilot" -- "Understanding Lessons Learned from CDR Pilot for Domestic Violence Death Reviews" -- "Children and Domestic Violence Death Reviews" -- "Monitoring Recommendation Uptake" -- "Cultural Appropriateness of Reviews" -- "Information Sharing/Collaboration" -- "Conclusions" -- "References" -- "13 A Feminist Reflection on Domestic Violence Death Reviews" -- "Introduction" -- "Genesis" -- "What Is “Success”?". "Feminist Insights for DVDRCs".



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