Keuls, Eva C.,

The reign of the phallus : sexual politics in ancient Athens / Eva C. Keuls. - First edition. - vi, 452 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm. - Perennial library ; 1129 . - Perennial Library ; 1129. .

Includes bibliographical references (pages 421-434) and index.

Military expeditions, protest, lament, and scandal -- Attic mythology : barren goddesses male wombs, and the cult of rape -- The phallus and the box : the world seen in the shapes of human genitals -- Bearing children, watching the house -- Brides of death, in more ways than one -- The Athenian prostitute : a good buy in the Agora -- The whore with the golden heart, the happy hooker, and other fictions -- Two kinds of women : the spitting image of the female psyche -- The sex appeal of female toil -- Easier to live with than a wife : the concubine -- The boy beautiful : replacing women or replacing a son? -- Learning to be a man ; learning to be a woman -- Sex among the barbarians -- Classical tragedy : weaving men's dreams of sexual strife -- Sex antagonism and women's rituals -- Love, not war : protest in the arts and on the streets.

"At once daring and authoritative, this book offers a profusely illustrated history of sexual politics in ancient Athens. This is the first book to draw together all the elements that made up the 'reign of the phallus'--the blatant claim by men to general dominance, its codification in law, the myths of rape and conquest of women, and the final result: reduction of sex to a game of dominance and submission, both of women by men and of men by men. In her elegant and lucid text Eva Keuls not only examines the ideology and practices that underlay this supremist social order but also uncovers an intense countermovement that found expression on the stage, in public debate, and in the streets."--Publisher description.

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To 146 B.C.
Geschichte 480 v. Chr.-400 v. Chr.
Geschichte 480 v. Chr.-415 v. Chr.
Geschichte 480 v. Chr.-430 v. Chr.
Geschichte Anfänge-500.

Sex role--History.--Greece
Sex customs--History.--Greece
Sex symbolism--History.
Vie sexuelle--Histoire.--Grèce
Symbolisme sexuel--Histoire.
Politics and government
Sex customs.
Sex role.
Sex symbolism.
Griekse oudheid.
Symbolisme sexuel--Histoire.
phallus--Athènes (Grèce)--5e s. av. J.-C.
sexisme--Athènes (Grèce)--5e s. av. J.-C.
sexualité--Athènes (Grèce)--5e s. av. J.-C.
femme--Athènes (Grèce)--5e s. av. J.-C.
Geschichte (480 v. Chr.-400 v. Chr.)
Geschichte (480 v. Chr.-430 v. Chr.)
Geschichte 480 v. Chr.-415 v. Chr.
Geschichte Anfänge-500.
Femmes - Grèce - Histoire.
Phallisme - Grèce - Histoire.
Symbolisme sexuel - Histoire.
Vie sexuelle - Grèce - Histoire.

Athens (Greece)--Politics and government.
Greece--Civilization--To 146 B.C.
Grèce--Civilisation--Jusqu'à 146 av. J.-C.
Athènes (Grèce)--Politique et gouvernement.
Athènes (Grèce)--Politique et gouvernement.
Athènes (Grèce) - Politique et gouvernement.
Grèce - Civilisation - Jusqu'à 146 av. J.-C.


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