Occupational therapy for physical dysfunction / editors, Mary Vining Radomski, Catherine A. Trombly Latham. - Seventh edition. - Philadelphia, PA ; Wolters Kluwer/ Lippincott Williams & Wilkins , 2014. - xxiv, 1426 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

SECTION I : OCCUPATIONAL FUNCTION : DEFINITION AND PROCESS -- -- Conceptual foundations for practice / Catherine Trombly Latham -- Practical foundations for practice : Planning, guiding, documenting, and reflecting / Mary Egan, Claire-Jehanne Dubouloz-Wilner -- -- SECTION II : ASSESSMENT OF OCCUPATIONAL FUNCTION -- -- Assessing context : personal, social, cultural, situational / Mary Vining Radomski, Pamela Roberts -- Assessing roles and competence / Susan Fasoli -- Assessing abilities and capacities : vision and visual processing / Orli Weisser-Pike -- Assessing abilities and capacities : cognition / Mary Vining Radomski, M. Tracy Morrison -- Assessing abilities and capacities : range of motion, strength, and endurance / Lynsay R. Whelan -- Assessing abilities and capacities : motor planning and performance / Khader A. Almhdawi, Virgil Mathiowetz, Julie Bass -- Assessing abilities and capacities : sensation / Jennifer L. Theis -- Assessing environment: home, community, workplace access and safety / Patricia Rigby, Oana Craciunoiu -- -- SECTION III : THERAPEUTIC MECHANISMS -- -- Occupation : philosophy and concepts / Catherine Trombly Latham -- Occupation as therapy : selection, gradation, analysis and adaptation / Catherine Verrier Piersol -- Learning / Nancy Flinn -- Therapeutic rapport / Linda Tickle-Degnen -- -- SECTION IV : THERAPEUTIC TECHNOLOGIES -- -- Upper extremity orthoses / Lisa Deshaies -- Construction of hand splints / MAJ Charles D. Quick, MAJ Priscillia Bejarno -- Wheelchair selection / Brian Dudgeon, Jean Dietz, Margaret (Meg) Dimpfel -- Technology for remediation and compensation of disability / Mary Ellen Buning -- Physical agent modalities and biofeedback / Christine M. Wietlisbach, F.D. Blade Branham -- -- SECTION V : INTERVENTION FOR OCCUPATIONAL FUNCTION -- -- Optimizing abilities and capacities : range of motion, strength, and endurance / LTC Andrew Fabrizio, MAJ Jose R. Rafols -- Optimizing motor planning and performance in clients with neurological disorders / Joyce Shapero Sabari, Nettie Capasso, Rachel Feld-Glazman -- Optimizing motor behavior using the Bobath approach / Catherine A. Trombly Latham, Kathryn Levit -- Optimizing motor behavior using the Brunnstrom approach / Catherine A. Trombly Latham -- Managing deficit of first-level motor control capacities using Rood and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation techniques / Catherine A. Trombly Latham, Kathy Longenecker Rust -- Optimizing sensory abilities and capacities / Catherine A. Trombly Latham, Karen Bentzel -- Optimizing vision and visual processing / Jennifer Kaldenberg -- Optimizing cognitive performance / Mary Vining Radomski, Gordon Muir Giles -- Restoring the role of independent person / Anne Birge James -- Restoring functional and community mobility / Susan L. Pierce -- Restoring competence for homemaker and parent roles / Susan Fasoli -- Restoring competence for the worker role / Valerie J. Berg Rice -- Restoring competence in leisure pursuits / Carolyn Schmidt Hanson -- Optimizing personal and social adaptation / Jo M. Solet -- Optimizing access to home, community and work environments / Dory Sabata -- Preventing occupational dysfunction secondary to aging / Glenn Goodman, Bette Bonder -- -- SECTION VI : REHABILITATION TO PROMOTE OCCUPATIONAL FUNCTION FOR SELECTED CONDITIONS -- -- Stroke / Anne Woodson -- Traumatic brain injury / Janet M. Powell -- Neurodegenerative diseases / Susan Forwell, Lucinda Hugos, Lois Copperman, Setareh Ghahari -- Orthopaedic conditions / Colleen Maher -- Hand impairments / Cynthia Cooper -- Spinal cord injury / Michal S. Atkins -- Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia / Alison Hammond -- Burn injuries / Monica Ann Pessina, Amy Orroth -- Amputations and prosthetics / MAJ Sarah Mitsch, Lisa Smurr Walters, LTC Kathleen Yancosek -- Cardiac and pulmonary diseases / Nancy E. Huntley -- Dysphagia / Wendy Avery -- Human immunodeficiency virus / Karin Opacich -- Cancer / Mary Vining Radomski, Mattie Anheluk, Kim Grabe, Shayne Hopkins, Joette Zola.

"The seventh edition of Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction emphasizes four key themes that are essential to the best possible occupational therapy for adults with physical disabilities and to the future of the profession: Reliance on evidence/research to inform occupational therapy assessment and intervention - Occupation as the central intervention and outcome of occupational therapy services - Importance of expert activity analysis that synthesizes theoretical knowledge, clinical skills, and awareness of person and contextual factors to occupational therapy practice - Appreciation for the individuality, unique circumstances, and priorities of each patient/client These themes are evident in the book's organization, features, ancillaries, terminology, and authorship"--Provided by publisher.

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Occupational therapy.
People with disabilities--Rehabilitation.
Occupational Therapy.
Disabled Persons--rehabilitation.
Occupational therapy.
People with disabilities--Rehabilitation.

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