Willard & Spackman's occupational therapy. Willard and Spackman's occupational therapy Occupational therapy - 12th ed. / [edited by] Barbara A. Boyt Schell [and others]. - Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, ©2014. - xxxiv, 1262 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm

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Unit I. Occupation therapy: profile of the profession -- Unit II. Occupational nature of humans -- Unit III. Narrative perspectives on occupation and disability -- Unit IV. Occupation in context -- Unit V. Personal factors and occupational performance -- Unit VI. Analyzing occupation -- Unit VII. Occupational therapy process -- Unit VIII. Core concepts and skills -- Unit IX. Occupational performance theories of practice -- Unit X. Broad theories informing practice -- Unit XI. Evaluation, intervention, and outcomes for occupations -- Unit XII. Theory guided interventions: examples from the field -- Unit XIII. The practice context: therapists in action -- Unit XIV. Professional development -- Unit XV. Occupational therapy management -- Appendix I. Common conditions, resources, and evidence -- Appendix II. Table of assessments: listed alphabetically by title. Unit I. Occupation therapy. Profile of the profession -- What is occupation? / Virginia Dickie -- A contextual history of occupational therapy / Charles H. Christiansen and Kristine Haertl -- The philosophy of occupational therapy : a framework for practice / Barbara Hooper and Wendy Wood -- Contemporary occupational therapy practice / Barbara A. Boyt Schell [and others]. Unit II. Occupational nature of humans -- Transformations of occupations : a life course perspective / Ruth Humphry and Jennifer Womack -- Contribution of occupation to health and well-being / Clare Hocking -- Occupational science : the study of occupation / Valerie A. Wright-St Clair and Clare Hocking. Unit III. Narrative perspectives on occupation and disability -- Narrative as a key to understanding / Elizabeth Blesedell Crepeau and Ellen S. Cohn -- An excerpt from The Book of Sorrows, Book of Dreams : a first-person narrative / Mary Feldhaus-Weber and Sally A. Schreiber-Cohn -- He's not broken, he's Alex : three perspectives / Alexander McIntosh, Laurie S. McIntosh and Lou McIntosh -- While focusing on recovery I forgot to get a life : my dreams deferred / Gloria F. Dickerson -- The privilege of giving care / Donald M. Murray -- Experiences with disability : stories from Ecuador / Kate Barrett. Unit IV. Occupation in context -- Family perspectives on occupation, health, and disability / Mary C. Lawlor and Cheryl Mattingly -- Patterns of occupation / Kathleen Matuska and Kate Barrett -- Culture, race, and ethnicity and the impact on occupation and occupational performance / Roxie M. Black -- Social, economic, and political factors that influence occupational performance / Catherine L. Lysack and Diane E. Adamo. Unit V. Personal factors and occupational performance -- Individual variance : body structures and functions / Barbara A. Boyt Schell [and others] -- Personal values, beliefs, and spirituality / Christy Billock. Unit VI. Analyzing occupation -- Analyzing occupations and activity / Elizabeth Blesedell Crepeau [and others] -- Performance skills : implementing performance analyses to evaluate quality of occupational performance / Anne G. Fisher and Lou Ann Griswold. Unit VII. Occupational therapy process -- Overview of the occupational therapy process and outcomes / Denise Chisholm and Barbara A. Boyt Schell -- Evaluating clients / Mary P. Shotwell -- Critiquing assessments / Sherrilene Classen and Craig A. Velozo -- Occupational therapy interventions for individuals / Glen Gillen -- Occupational therapy interventions for organizations, communities, and populations / Marjorie E. Scaffa -- Educating clients / Sue Berger -- Modifying performance contexts / Patricia Rigby, Barry Trentham and Lori Letts. Unit VIII. Core concepts and skills -- Professional reasoning in practice / Barbara A. Boyt Schell -- Evidence-based practice : integrating evidence to inform practice / Nancy Baker and Linda Tickle-Degnen -- Ethical practice / Regina F. Doherty -- Therapeutic relationship and client collaboration : applying the intentional relationship model / Renee R. Taylor -- Group process and group intervention / Marjorie E. Scaffa -- Professionalism, communication, and teamwork / Janet Falk-Kessler -- Documentation in practice / Karen M. Sames. Unit IX. Occupational performance theories of practice -- Unpacking our theoretical reasoning : theory and practice in occupational therapy / Ellen S. Cohn and Wendy J. Coster -- Ecological models in occupational therapy / Catana E. Brown -- The model of human occupation / Kirsty Forsyth [and others] -- Theory of occupational adaptation / Sally W. Schultz -- Occupational justice / Ann A. Wilcock / Elizabeth A. Townsend -- Emerging theories / Debra Tupe. Unit X. Broad theories informing practice -- Recovery model / Terry Krupa -- Health promotion theories / S. Maggie Reitz -- Principles of learning and behavior change / Christine A. Helfrich. Unit XI. Evaluation, intervention, and outcomes for occupations / Introduction to evaluation, intervention, and outcomes for occupations / Glen Gillen and Barbara A. Boyt Schell -- Activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living / Anne Birge James -- Education / Yvonne L. Swinth -- Work / Phyllis M. King and Darcie L. Olson -- Play and leisure / Loree A. Primeau -- Sleep and rest / Jo M. Solet -- Social participation / Mary Alunkal Khetani and Wendy J. Coster. Unit XII. Theory guided interventions : examples from the field -- Overview of theory guided intervention / Barbara A. Boyt Schell and Glen Gillen -- Motor function and occupational performance / Glen Gillen -- Cognition, perception, and occupational performance / Joan Pascale Toglia, Kathleen M. Golisz and Yael Goverover -- Sensory integration and processing : theory and applications to occupational performance / Shelly J. Lane, Susanne Smith Roley and Tina Champagne -- Emotion regulation / Marjorie E. Scaffa -- Social interaction and occupational performance / Lou Ann Griswold and C. Douglas Simmons. Unit XIII. The practice context : therapists in action -- Continuum of care / Pamela S. Roberts and Mary E. Evenson -- Occupational therapy in a comprehensive intervention program for individuals with autism spectrum disorder : early intervention to supported employment / Scott D. Tomchek -- Providing occupational therapy for individuals with traumatic brain injury : intensive care to community reentry / Steven D. Wheeler -- Providing occupational therapy services for persons with psychiatric disabilities : promoting recovery and wellness / Ruth Ramsey and Peggy Swarbrick -- A woodworker's hand injury : restoring a life / Karen Roe Garren --Providing occupational therapy for older adults with changing needs / Bette R. Bonder -- Providing occupational therapy for disaster survivors / Theresa M. Smith and Marjorie E. Scaffa. Unit XIV. Professional development -- Fieldwork and professional entry / Mary E. Evenson -- Competence and professional development / Patricia A. Hickerson Crist -- Occupational therapy professional organizations / Shawn Phipps. Unit XV. Occupational therapy management -- Management of occupational therapy services / Brent Braveman -- Disability rights and advocacy : partnering with disability communities to support full participation in society / Joy Hammel [and others] -- Payment for services in the United States / Helene Lohman -- Supervision / Mary Jane Youngstrom -- Consultation / Wendy M. Holmes and Claudia Leonard. Appendix I. Common conditions, resources, and evidence / Emily Meibeyer [and others] -- Appendix II. Table of assessments. Listed alphabetically by title / Cheryl Lynne Trautmann Boop.

This Twelfth Edition, continues in the tradition of coverage of critical concepts and practices that have long made this text the leading resource for Occupational Therapy students. Students using this text will learn how to apply client-centered, occupational, evidence based approach across the full spectrum of practice settings. Peppered with first-person narratives, which offer a unique perspective on the lives of those living with disease, this new edition has been fully updated with a visually enticing full color design, and even more photos and illustrations. Vital pedagogical features, including case studies, Practice Dilemmas, and Provocative questions, help position students in the real world of occupational therapy practice to help prepare them to react appropriately. This text provides the most comprehensive and current presentation of occupational therapy concepts and practice. The 12th edition of this classic text invites students with a fresh, four-color design and new photos and illustrations, as well as the fully updated text.

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