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Cultivating peace : the Virgilian Georgic in English, 1650-1750 / Melissa Schoenberger. - 1 online resource (xiii, 168 pages) - JSTOR eBooks Transits: literature, thought & culture 1650-1850 . - Transits (Bucknell University) .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Introduction: the arts of peace -- Mutability: cycles of war and peace -- On mutability: Virgil's first lesson -- Before Marvell: Georgic mutability in England -- The trap of war and the map of paradise: Marvell's vision of peace -- Translation: Virgil and Dryden in 1697 -- The English Virgil -- Dryden's Georgics: "nor when the war is over, is it peace" -- From peace to war: the Aeneis -- Contingency: the Georgic poetry of Anne Finch -- A Virgilian retreat -- Finch and the force of fable -- Imitation: the Georgics before and after 1713 -- John Philips and the inmate orchat -- From didactic to descriptive -- After Thomson: Christopher Smart, the hop-garden, and the end of Georgic peace -- Conclusion: "at their hours of preparation."

Like Virgil, who depicted a farmer's scythe suddenly recast as a sword, the poets discussed here imagine states of peace and war to be fundamentally and materially linked. In distinct ways, they dismantle the dream of the golden age renewed, proposing instead that peace must be sustained by constant labor.

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