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Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacOS Sierra. - 1st ed. - 1 online resource (355 pages) - eBooks on Demand .

Intro -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- Chapter 1 Learning Basic macOS Tasks -- Start an Application -- Start an Application Using Launchpad -- Locate the Mouse Pointer -- Switch Between Applications -- View Running Applications with Mission Control -- Run an Application Full Screen -- Split the Screen with Two Applications -- Search Your Mac -- Voice‐Operate Your Mac with Siri -- Save a Document -- Open a Document -- Print a Document -- Copy a File -- Move a File -- Rename a File -- Delete a File -- Open a Folder in a Tab -- Open a Document in a Tab -- Chapter 2 Browsing the Web -- Open a Web Page in a Tab -- Navigate Web Pages -- Navigate with the History List -- Change Your Home Page -- Bookmark Web Pages -- Pin a Web Page Tab -- Mute a Web Page Tab -- Display a Web Page Video as Picture‐in‐Picture -- Search for Sites -- Download a File -- View Links Shared on Social Networks -- Create a Web Page Reading List -- Chapter 3 Communicating via Email -- Add an Email Account -- Send an Email Message -- Add a File Attachment -- Add a Signature Block -- Receive and Read Email Messages -- Reply to a Message -- Forward a Message -- Open and Save an Attachment -- Create a Mailbox for Saving Messages -- Add Events and Contacts from a Message -- Process Messages Using Gestures -- Chapter 4 Enhancing Online Privacy -- Delete a Site from Your Browsing History -- Prevent Websites from Tracking You -- Remove Saved Website Data -- Enable Private Browsing -- Delete a Saved Website Password -- Delete Saved Credit Card Data -- Move Spam to the Junk Mailbox Automatically -- Configure Advanced Junk Mail Filtering -- Disable Remote Images -- Chapter 5 Talking via Messages and FaceTime -- Sign In to Messages -- Send a Message -- Send a File in a Message -- Sign In to FaceTime -- Connect Through FaceTime -- Chapter 6 Tracking Contacts and Events. Add a New Contact -- Edit a Contact -- Create a Contact Group -- Navigate the Calendar -- Create an Event -- Create a Repeating Event -- Send or Respond to an Event Invitation -- Chapter 7 Playing and Organizing Music -- Understanding the iTunes Library -- Navigate the iTunes Window -- Play a Song -- Create a Playlist -- Purchase Music from the iTunes Store -- Apply Parental Controls -- Subscribe to a Podcast -- Chapter 8 Learning Useful macOS Tasks -- Integrate macOS and Your iPhone or iPad -- Using Handoff to Switch Between a Device and macOS -- Install a Program Using the App Store -- Write a Note -- Enhance Notes with Attachments -- Create a Reminder -- Create a New Reminder List -- Work with the Notification Center -- Organize Files with Tags -- Search Files with Tags -- Search for a Location -- Get Directions to a Location -- Install a Font -- Access Non‐Keyboard Characters -- Chapter 9 Connecting to Social Networks -- Sign In to Your Facebook Account -- Post to Facebook -- Publish a Photos Album to Facebook -- Sign In to Your Twitter Account -- Send a Tweet -- Connect to Your LinkedIn Account -- Post to LinkedIn -- Update Your Social Network Profile Picture -- Connect to Your Flickr Account -- Send Photos to Flickr -- Set Up Your Vimeo Account -- Send a Video to Vimeo -- Share Information with Other People -- Chapter 10 Viewing and Editing Photos and Videos -- View a Preview of a Photo -- View a Slideshow of Your Photos -- Import Photos from a Digital Camera -- View Your Photos -- Create an Album -- Crop a Photo -- Rotate a Photo -- Straighten a Photo -- Remove Red Eye from a Photo -- Add Names to Faces in Your Photos -- Mark Your Favorite Photos -- Set an Album's Key Photo -- Email a Photo -- Take Your Picture -- Play Digital Video with QuickTime Player -- Chapter 11 Securing macOS -- Change Your Password -- Require a Password on Waking. Disable Automatic Logins -- Configure App Downloads -- Turn On the Firewall -- Configure Location Services -- Enable the Guest User Account -- Chapter 12 Customizing macOS -- Display System Preferences -- Change the Desktop Background -- Set Your Mac's Sleep Options -- Change the Display Resolution and Brightness -- Create an App Folder in Launchpad -- Add a User Account -- Customize the Dock -- Add an Icon to the Dock -- Hide the Dock -- Add a Widget to the Notification Center -- Extend the Desktop Across Multiple Displays -- Customize the Share Menu -- Chapter 13 Maintaining macOS -- Empty the Trash -- Organize Your Desktop -- Check Hard Drive Free Space -- Uninstall Unused Applications -- Force a Stuck Application to Close -- Configure Time Machine Backups -- Restore an Earlier Version of a File -- Restore Files Using Time Machine -- Recondition Your Mac Notebook Battery -- Restart Your Mac -- Chapter 14 Working with iCloud -- Create an Apple ID -- Sign In to iCloud Online -- Set Up iCloud Synchronization -- Set Up iCloud Keychain -- Generate a Website Password -- Activate and Configure iCloud Drive -- Access Your Desktop and Documents on Other Devices -- Save and Open Documents Using iCloud Drive -- Manage Your iCloud Storage -- Set Up Family Sharing -- Locate and Lock a Lost Mac, iPod, iPhone, or iPad -- Chapter 15 Networking with macOS -- Understanding Networking -- Connect a Bluetooth Device -- Connect to a Wireless Network -- Connect to a Network Resource -- Turn On File and Printer Sharing -- Share a Folder -- Share a Printer -- Add a Shared Printer -- View macOS on Your TV -- Index -- EULA.


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