Badie, Bertrand.

New Perspectives on the International Order : No Longer Alone in This World. - 1 online resource (147 pages) - eBooks on Demand The Sciences Po Series in International Relations and Political Economy Ser. . - The Sciences Po Series in International Relations and Political Economy Ser. .

Intro -- Preface to the English Edition -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- Introduction -- Chapter 1 The Old Order: From the "Balance of Power" to the Oligarchs' Club -- Abstract -- Sovereignty, Competition and Power -- Strengths and Weaknesses of Oligarchic Governance -- The Weakness of International Law and Over-Militarization -- The Emergence of a "Second Rank in the International System" -- The Soviet Exception and Its Repercussions -- Chapter 2 Bipolarity, Unipolarity, Multipolarity -- Abstract -- Nuclear Reality and Ideological Antagonism -- From Antagonism to Diarchy -- Stirrings in the South: The Flaws of Bipolarity -- Bipolarity Undermined by "Peripheral" Conflicts -- The Limits of Joint Rule -- The Contentious Legacy of Non-alignment -- The Fleeting Illusion of Unipolarity -- An "Apolar" World -- The Return of the Oligarchic Club -- Chapter 3 Societies and Their Diplomacy -- Abstract -- The Invisible Revolution of Societies and Nation-States -- How the Social Took Over Key Geostrategic Considerations -- The Two Globalizations and the Revenge of the Local -- Toward a New Sociology of International Relations -- Chapter 4 Exploring the New World -- Abstract -- Illusions and Setbacks of Hegemonic Power -- The Three Stages of the American Reaction -- The Appeal and Limits of Soft Power -- Russia: The Frustrated Empire -- The European Union's Lost Opportunities -- The Emerging Countries' Frustrated Expansion -- China: Between Discretion and Assertion -- Chapter 5 The Powers at Odds with History -- Abstract -- Weak States and Neocolonialism -- An Instrumental Vision of the South -- The Middle Eastern Volcano -- Proximity and Civilizational Depth -- New Conflicts and "Multi-level Wars" -- The Powerlessness of Power and the Power of the Weak -- Chapter 6 Neoconservatism, Neoliberalism, Neonationalism -- Abstract -- The Era of Neoconservatism. A Time for Neoliberalism -- A Time for Neonationalism -- Chapter 7 France, from Thwarted Ambitions to the Challenges of Alterity -- Abstract -- From Power to "Grandeur" -- In Search of European Leadership -- Toward Gaullism Without de Gaulle -- Postcolonial Contradictions -- Dilemmas and Options of a "Mid-level Power" -- The Great Turnaround -- French-Style Neoconservatism -- Stepping Outside Oneself -- After November 13th -- Chapter 8 Conclusion -- Abstract -- Bibliography -- Index.


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