Kedward, H. R.

In search of the maquis : rural resistance in southern France, 1942-1944 / H.R. Kedward. - Oxford : New York : Clarendon Press ; Oxford University Press, 1993. - xvii, 340 p. : maps ; 24 cm.

Includes bibliographical references (p. [301]-311) and indexes.

Resistance and refuge, 1942 -- Refusal and revolt, Spring 1943 -- Hunters and hunted, Summer-Autumn 1943 -- Structures and communities, Winter 1943-1944 -- Strategies and localities, Winter-Spring 1944 -- Insurrections and liberations, Summer 1944 -- Images and memories, 1944 and after -- Oral memories.

This is a study of the maquis in southern France, the Resisters who took to the woods and hills in the struggle against the German Occupation in the Second World War. H. R. Kedward's detailed and perceptive account explores what participation in the maquis meant for those involved, both at the time and subsequently. He examines the motivations of the maquisards and how the circumstances of occupation and resistance affected the ways of life of rural communities in the south of France. This is a rich and original book, which achieves a fruitful integration of extensive archival research and oral history. Professor Kedward's scholarly and readable history allows the voices of individuals to be heard, and offers us important insights into the nature of community and regional tradition. From the many fascinating case-studies, fully supplemented by detailed maps, emerge a sense of place, a clear understanding of the maquisard, and an unsentimental assessment of the place of the maquis in French history.

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Forces françaises de l'intérieur.

World War, 1939-1945--Underground movements--France, Southern.

France, Southern--History.

World War 2 Resistance movements France

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