Dobie, J. Frank 1888-1964,

Legends of Texas. - Hatboro, Pa., Folklore Associates, 1964 [c1924] - ix, 279 p. illus., map. 24 cm. - Publications of the Texas Folklore Society. Reprint ed., no. 3 . - Texas Folklore Society. Publications. Reprint ed. ; no. 3. .

"Bibliography of Texas legends": p. [255]-260.

An Inquiry into the Sources of Treasure Legends of Texas / J. Frank Dobie -- The Legend of the San Saba or Bowie Mine / J. Frank Dobie -- Lost Gold of the Llano Country / E.G. Littlejohn -- Lost Mines of the Llano and San Saba / Julia Estill -- Treasure Legends of McMullen County / J. Frank Dobie -- Legendary Spanish Forts Down the Nueces / J. Frank Dobie -- Treasure Chest on the Nueces / Mary A. Sutherland -- The Battlefields of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma / J. Frank Dobie -- How Dollars Turned into Bumble Bees and Other Legends / J. Frank Dobie -- Native Treasure Talk Up the Frio / Fannie Ratchford -- The Silver Ledge on the Frio / J. Frank Dobie -- Lost Mine Near Sabinal / Edgar B. Kincaid -- The Nigger Gold Mine of the Big Bend / J. Frank Dobie -- Mysterious Gold Mine of the Guadalupe Mountains / J. Marvin Hunter -- Lost Copper Mines and Spanish Gold, Haskell County / R.E. Sherrill -- Lost Lead Mine on the Brazos, King County / L.D. Bertillion -- The Accursed Gold in the Santa Anna Mountain / J. Leeper Gay -- The Hole of Gold Near Wichita Falls / J. Frank Dobie -- Buried Treasure Legends of Cooke County / Lillian Gunter -- The Treasure Cannon of the Neches / Roscoe Martin -- The Dream Woman and the White Rose Bush / Mary A. Sutherland -- Steinheimer's Millions / L.D. Bertillion -- The Snively Legend / J. Frank Dobie -- Buried Treasure Legends of Milam County / Louise von Blittersdorf -- The Wagon-Load of Silver in Clear Fork Creek / L.W. Payne, Jr. -- Moro's Gold / Fannie Ratchford -- The Legend of Stampede Mesa / John R. Craddock -- The Woman of the Western Star: A Legend of the Rangers / Adele B. Looscan -- The Devil and Strap Buckner / N.A. Taylor -- The Legend of Cheetwah / Edith C. Lane -- The Mysterious Woman in Blue / Charles H. Heimsath -- The Headless Squatter / John R. Craddock -- Mysterious Music in the San Bernard River / Bertha McKee Dobie -- The Death Bell of the Brazos / Bertha McKee Dobie -- Rhymes of Glaveston Bay / John P. Sjolander. The Enchanted Rock in Llano County / Julia Estill -- Francesca: A Legend of Old Fort Stockton / L.W. Payne, Jr. -- Lover's Retreat and Lovers' Retreat, Palo Pinto / J.S. Spratt -- Lover's Leap in Kimble County / Flora Eckert -- The Waiting Woman / John R. Craddock -- Lover's Leap at Santa Anna / Austin Callan -- Antonette's Leap: The Legend of Mount Bennell / J. Frank Dobie -- From Sunset in August: Galveston Beach / Stanley E. Babb -- Life and Legends of Lafitte the Pirate / E.G. Littlejhohn -- The Uneasy Ghost of Lafitte / Julia Beazley -- Lafitte Lore / J.O. Webb -- The Pirate Ship of the San Bernard: A Legend of Theodosia Burr Allston / J.W. Morris -- An Indian Legend of the Blue Bonnet / Mrs. Bruce Reid -- How the Water Lilies Came to the San Marcos River / Bella French Swisher -- The Legend of Eagle Lake -- The Holy Spring of Father Margil at Nacogdoches / E.G. Littlejohn -- Indian Bluff on Canadian River / L.W. Payne, Jr. -- How Medicine Mounds of Hardeman County Got Their Name / L.W. Payne, Jr. -- The Naming of Metheglin Creek / Alexander Dienst -- How Dead Horse Canyon Got Its Name / Victor J. Smith -- How the Brazos River Got Its Name / J. Frank Dobie -=- How the Brazos and the Colorado Originiated / E.G. Littlejohn -- The White Steed of the Prairies / W.P. Webb -- The Legend of Sam Bass / W.P. Webb -- The Horn Worshipers / L.D. Bertillion -- The Cave of Montezuma / J. Leepr Gay -- The First Corn Crop in Texas / A.W. Eddins -- La Casa del Santa Anna / A.W. Eddins -- Lost Canyon of the Big Bend Country / J. Frank Dobie -- A Tradition of La Salle's Expedition into Texas / Alexander Dienst -- Big Foot and Little Foot / Mrs S.J. Wright -- The Wild Woman of the Navidad / Martin M. Kenney.


Treasure troves--Texas.

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