Baldus, David C.

Equal justice and the death penalty : a legal and empirical analysis / David C. Baldus, George Woodworth, Charles A. Pulaski, Jr. - Boston : Northeastern University Press, c1990. - xx, 698 p. ; 25 cm.

Includes indexes.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 691-698).

1. Introduction -- 2. Capital sentencing and the impact of Furman v. Georgia -- 3. Post-Furman developments -- 4. The methodology for two death-sentencing studies -- 5. Arbitrariness and excessiveness in Georgia's capital-sentencing system before and after Furman -- 6. The influence of racial and suspect factors in the post conviction phases of Georgia's capital-sentencing program -- 7. State appellate court review of arbitrariness and discrimination in capital sentencing : the Georgia experience -- 8. Evidence of infrequency, arbitrariness, and discrimination in capital sentencing in other states -- 9. Comparative-proportionality review in other state courts -- 10. McCleskey v. Kemp : background, record, and adjudications -- 11. McCleskey v. Kemp on appeal : a methodological critique -- 12. Summary and conclusions

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Capital punishment--Georgia.
Equality before the law--Georgia.
Capital punishment--States.--United States
Equality before the law--States.--United States
Criminal statistics--States.--United States

Capital punishment Georgia Capital punishment United States States Criminal statistics United States States Equality before the law Georgia Equality before the law United States States

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