Advances in nutritional support / issues in nursing / Sara T. Fry, guest editor. Joyce K. Keithley, guest editor. Ethics, part I : - Philadelphia : Saunders, 1989. - xvi, 301-582 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. - Nursing clinics of North America, v. 24, no. 2 0029-6465 ; . - Nursing clinics of North America ; v. 24, no. 2. .

"June 1989."

Includes bibliographies and index.

Evaluation of nutritional status / Susan curtas, Gayle Chapman, Michael M. Meguid -- Enteral nutrition: indications, formulas, and delivery techniques / Patti Eisenberg -- Enteral nutrition: potential complications and patient monitoring / Carol L. Kohn, Joyce K. Keithley -- Total parenteral nutrition / Patricia H. Worthington, Beth A. Wagner -- Nutritional support and gastroinstestinal disease / Kathryn Hennessy -- Nutritional support of the bone marrow transplant patient / Ann Marie McDonnell Keenan -- Gastrointestinal manifestations of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome / Kathleen S. Crocker -- Nutritional support of the ventilator-dependent patient / Nancy Spector -- Nursing research opportunities in enteral nutrition / M.M. Heitkemper, J.F. Shaver -- Ethical issues in nutritional support nursing: witholding and withdrawing nutritional support / Linda S. Knox -- Nutritional support in home care / Marsha Evans Orr -- Psychosocial issues of nutritional support: a multidisciplinary interpretation / Faith Srp, Ezra Steiger, A. Dale Gulledge, Laura E. Matarese, Jane Paysinger, Terry Roncagli, Joan Stebbins, Michael Sullivan -- Preparing students to be moral agents in clinical nursing practice: report of a national study / Judith M. Cassells, Barbara K. Redman -- Ethics content in baccalaureate degree curricula: clarifying the issues / Alice LeVeille Gaul -- Teaching ethics in nursing curriculua: traditional and contemporary models / Sara T. Fry -- Values, moral reasoning, and ethics / Anna Omery -- Moral reasoning and ethical practice in nursing: measurement issues / Shake Ketefian -- Ethical issues in providing nursing care to human immunodeficiency virus-infected populations / Christine Grady -- Clinical subjectivity: advocacy with silent patients / Sally Gadow -- Spiritual care, ethical choices, and patient advocacy / Susan Anthony Salladay, Sister M. Margaret McDonnell -- The role of the nurse on hospital ethics committees / Patricia Murphy -- Unlicensed persons in patient care settings: administrative, policy, and ethical issues / Sister Patricia A. Sullivan, Rev. Timothy Brown -- New developments in international nursing ethics / Anne J. Davis.

Nursing ethics.

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