Mizuno, Kōgen, 1901-

Basic Buddhist concepts / Kogen Mizuno ; translated by Charles S. Terry and Richard L. Gage. - 1st English ed. - Tokyo : Kosei Pub. Co., 1987. - 175 p. ; 21 cm.

Translation of: Bukkyō to wa nani ka. Includes index.

The historical context. Primitive Buddhism -- Sectarian Buddhism -- Early Mahayana Buddhism -- Middle-period Mahayana Buddhism -- Late Mahayana Buddhism. The fundamentals of Shakyamuni's philosophy. The three treasures -- Buddhism as philosophy -- The seals of the law -- Views of humankind and fate -- Causation. The twelve-linked chain of dependent origination. An overview -- The first three links -- The remaining nine links -- Dual dependent origination -- Dependent origination and fate -- Dependent origination and karmic rewards -- Inexhaustible interrelations. The pathway to faith. The gateway to faith -- Mistaken theories of causation . The religious spirit. Awakening -- Development -- The four indestructible objects of faith -- The triple doctrine and the four indestructible objects of faith. The four noble truths. The meaning of the four noble truths -- Setting the wheel of law in motion -- Suffering -- Judging impermanence correctly -- The cause of suffering -- Freedom from suffering -- The way to eliminate suffering. The eightfold path. Right views, right thought -- Right speech, right action, right livelihood -- Right effort, right mindfulness, right meditation -- Other views of the path The threefold learning. Precepts -- Precepts in Mahayana Buddhism -- Fundamentals of meditation -- Other dhyana -- Meditation before Buddhism -- Shakyamuni and meditation -- Buddhist meditation -- Wisdom -- Buddhist ideals.

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