Computer security sourcebook / edited by Wilma R. Caldwell. - 1st ed. - Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c2003. - xiv, 514 p. ; 24 cm. - Security reference series . - Security reference series. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Basic principles of computer security. Seven simple computer security tips for small business and home computer users -- Computer system security : let's get personal --Computer hardware hardware security. Security of hard drives -- Theft of laptops -- Insecure modems -- Choosing a medium for backup data storage -- Software-related threats to computer security. How computer viruses work -- The threat of internet worms -- Personal digital assistant (PDA) viruses : nothing to worry about? -- Dangerous downloads : entertainment programs may switch your internet connection -- Beware of modem dialer software which calls overseas without your OK -- E-mail pitfalls : viruses, forged messages, and privacy concerns -- Web bugs : frequently asked questions and privacy issues -- Avoiding software design flaw-related threats -- Next generation virtual private networks : promises hard to keep, forecasts hard to meet -- How software can allow hackers access to your computer -- Preventing damage from software-related threats and hackers. The internet : business blessing or terrorist tool? -- Cyberterrorism (information warfare) : risks and prevention -- Hacking and cracking take on new National Security implications -- Stop hackers by avoiding these common mistakes -- Avoiding weak passwords, selecting good ones -- Trust but verify : a guide to securing computers from malicious codes in e-mail -- Personal firewalls : one more step toward comprehensive security -- Children's online safety. Children's privacy and safety on the internet -- How to protect kid's privacy online -- Protecting your child from online predators -- Children's Internet Protection Act -- Banking and financial security issues. E-commerce and you : online shopping tips -- A consumer's guide to e-payments : keeping your transactions safe and secure -- Protecting financial privacy in the new millennium : the burden is on you -- Choosing a company that will protect your financial privacy -- Understanding privacy policies -- Consumer credit file privacy : the real deal -- An overview of internet fraud for the consumer -- Anti-fraud systems : a necessity for e-retailers -- Online investment opportunities : avoiding fraudulent promoters and sites -- How facial recognition systems work -- Biometrics : ready for information technology prime time -- Smartcards : how soon is now? -- Other personal privacy issues online. Intellectual property and the National Information Infrastructure -- Unsolicited e-mail : information about hoaxes, urban legends, chain letters, and warnings -- Unsolicited e-mail : information about e-mail chain scams and give-away hoaxes -- Unsolicited e-mail : junk e-mail, bulk e-mail, and other spam -- Pretexting : your personal information revealed -- Technology spurs rise in identity theft -- The U.S. Attorney General's report on cyberstalking -- Information about encryption and cryptography. Encrypted Communication Privacy Act summary -- Free and inexpensive security software for encryption -- Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) overview -- Digital signatures : what can businesses and consumers expect? -- Why cryptography is harder than it looks -- Steganography (information hiding) : definition and history -- Government, workplace, and commercial online surveillance. Software snags crooks, sneaking spouses, but alarms privacy advocates -- The trouble with spyware and advertising-supported software -- How Carnivore works -- Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about ECHELON -- Total Information Awareness (TIA) : the Pentagon's new surveillance initiative -- How internet cookies work -- Data mining : an introduction to how businesses use the data they collect -- The USA Patriot Act : new authorities relating to computer crime and electronic evidence -- Employee monitoring : is there privacy in the workplace? -- Additional help and information. Resources for software bugs, security holes, and program patches -- Computer security software programs and resources -- Publications devoted to online computer security -- Public and private computer security and privacy organizations -- Government computer security resource agencies -- Anti-spam resources -- Privacy options resources.

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Computer security.
Computer networks--Security measures.

QA76.9.A25 / C658 2003