Essentials of nursing informatics / [edited by] Virginia K. Saba, Kathleen A. McCormick. - 4th ed. - New York : McGraw-Hill, Medical Pub. Division, c2006. - xxv, 705 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Rev. ed. of: Essentials of computers for nurses. 3rd ed. c2001.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Overview of computers and nursing / Historical perspectives of nursing and the computer / Electronic health record from a historical perspective / Computer hardware / Computer software and systems / Open source and free software / Data processing / The Internet : a nursing resource / PDA and wireless devices / Incorporating evidence : use of computer-based clinical decision support systems for health professionals / Nursing informatics and healthcare policy / The role of technology in the medication-use process / Healthcare data standards / Electronic health record systems : U.S. federal initiatives and public/private partnerships / Dependable systems for quality care / Nursing minimum data set systems / Theories, models, and frameworks / Advanced terminology systems / Implementing and upgrading clinical information systems / Practice applications / Critical care applications / Community health applications / Ambulatory care systems / Internet tools for advanced nursing practice / Informatics solutions for emergency preparedness and response / Vendor applications / Administrative applications of information technology for nursing managers / Translation of evidence into nursing practice : evidence, clinical practice guidelines, and automated implementation tools / Data mining and knowledge discovery / Consumer and patient use of computers for health / Decision support for consumers / The nursing curriculum in the information age / Accessible, effective distance education anytime, anyplace / Innovations in telehealth / Computer use in nursing research / Computerized information resources / Nursing informatics in Canada / Nursing informatics in Europe / Pacific rim / Nursing informatics in Asia / Nursing informatics in South America / Future directions / Clinical care classification (CCC) system version 2.0 : two terminologies : CCC of nursing diagnoses and CCC of nursing interventions classified by 21 care components / Virginia K. Saba and Kathleen A. McCormick -- Virginia K. Saba and William Scott Erdley -- Patricia B. Wise -- Mary L. McHugh -- Mary L. McHugh -- Peter J. Murray and Alric M. O'Connor -- Ramona Nelson -- Vida B. Svarcas -- Kathleen G. Charters and Thomasine D. Guberski -- Ida M. Androwich and Margaret Ross Kraft -- Carole A. Gassert -- Matthew C. Grissinger and Hedy Cohen -- Joyce Sensmeier -- Linda F. Fischetti and Mary Jo Deering -- Dixie B. Baker -- Connie White Delaney -- Carol J. Bickford and Kathleen M. Hunter -- Nicholas R. Hardiker, Suzanne Bakken and Amy Coenen -- Marina L. Douglas and Marian L. Celli -- Joyce Ernharth Johnson and Molly Billingsley -- Rosemary Kennedy and Ann M. Daddona -- Cynthia M. Struk, Donna Ambler Peters and Virginia K. Saba -- Susan K. Newbold -- Mary Ann Lavin and Michael J. Morgan -- Elizabeth Weiner and Sally J. Phillips -- Sheryl Lynn Taylor and Ann Farrell -- Roy L. Simpson and Charlotte A. Weaver -- Kathleen A. McCormick -- Patricia A. Abbott and Sun-Mi Lee -- Rita D. Zielstorff -- Patricia Flatley Brennan, Shirley M. Moore, David M. Haight and Gail R. Casper -- Barbara Carty and Iris Ong -- Patricia E. Allen, Jean M. Arnold and Myrna L. Armstrong -- Diane J. Skiba, Amy J. Barton and Marilyn M. Nielsen -- Veronica D. Feeg, Sarah E. Sheehan, Asher E. Beckwitt and Betty L. Chang -- Diane S. Pravikoff and June R. Levy -- Kathryn J. Hannah, Nora Hammell and Lynn M. Nagle -- Margareta Ehnfors, Anna Ehrenberg and Rolf Nikula -- Evelyn J.S. Hovenga, Robyn L. Carr, Michelle L.L. Honey and Lucy A. Westbrooke -- Hyeoun-Ae Park -- Heimar de Fatima Marin -- Kathleen A. McCormick -- Virginia K. Saba. Ch. 1. Ch. 2. Ch. 3. Ch. 4. Ch. 5. Ch. 6. Ch. 7. Ch. 8. Ch. 9. Ch. 10. Ch. 11. Ch. 12. Ch. 13. Ch. 14. Ch. 15. Ch. 16. Ch. 17. Ch. 18. Ch. 19. Ch. 20. Ch. 21. Ch. 22. Ch. 23. Ch. 24. Ch. 25. Ch. 26. Ch. 27. Ch. 28. Ch. 29. Ch. 30. Ch. 31. Ch. 32. Ch. 33. Ch. 34. Ch. 35. Ch. 36. Ch. 37. Ch. 38. Ch. 39. Ch. 40. Ch. 41. Ch. 42. App.

Packed with insights and examples from a contributor team of 45 experts who form a "Who's Who" in nursing informatics, Essentials of Nursing Informatics provides timely guidance on: Computer systems, data standards, nursing informatics theory, implementing and upgrading clinical information systems, knowledge discovery in large databases, and the consumer's use of the Internet for medical information. Practical computer applications for various patient settings including critical care, community hospitals, ambulatory care units, and more. Controversies, including those in health care policy, privacy, confidentiality, and security issues. Computing tools in administration and management. Learning and extending the power and reach of research with computers. International perspectives. Offering theoretical background to help you understand how informatics serves many aspects of the profession. Essentials of Nursing Informatics also gives you practical help in unlocking computing's benefits both now and into the future, no matter what your area of study or specialty. Book jacket.

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Nursing--Data processing.
Information storage and retrieval systems--Nursing.

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