Friedländer, Paul, 1882-1968.

Plato / Paul Friedländer ; translated from the German by Hans Meyerhoff. - volumes : illustrations, portrait, map ; 25 cm. - Bollingen series ; 59 . - Bollingen series ; 59. .

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

1. An introduction -- 2. The dialogues, first period -- 3. The dialogues, second and third periods.

This text (similar to edition 1) contains author's opposition to Heidegger's interpretation of the Platonic concept of truth. Recent extensive analysis of the meaning of aletheia in the older literature has more clearly brought out the various early meanings of the concept as explained in this text.

Translated from the German: "Platon: Seinswahrheit und Lebenswirklichkeit" (second edition).



B395 / .F7523