U.S. foreign policy in a changing world; the Nixon administration, 1969-1973. Edited by Alan M. Jones, Jr. - xvi, 379 pages 22 cm

"This volume of essays ... grew out of a series of lectures presented by members of the Political Science Faculty at the Davis Campus of the University of California in the spring of 1972."

Includes bibliographical references.

Nixon and the world / China and the new open door / Moscow's options in a changing world / United States policy toward Eastern Europe, 1969-73 / Britain joins Europe / The Middle East crisis / Engagement versus disengagement in Africa: the choices for America / Environmental quality and American foreign policy / Weighing the balance of power / The 1973 Vietnam cease-fire agreements. Alan M. Jones, Jr. -- John B. Starr -- Vernon V. Aspaturian -- Alexander J. Groth -- Robert J. Lieber -- Shahrough Akhavi -- Donald Rothchild -- Geoffrey Wandesforde-Smith -- Stanley Hoffmann -- Appendices:

Analyzes the underlying assumptions and world impact of the Nixon-Kissinger strategy, focusing on the 1973 paris agreements and Americ's detentes with China and the Soviet Union.

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United States--Foreign relations--1969-1974.

United States Foreign relations 1969-1974

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