Nielsen, Waldemar A.

The big foundations [by] Waldemar A. Nielsen. - xii, 475 pages 24 cm. - Studies / Twentieth Century Fund . - Studies (Twentieth Century Fund) .

Includes bibliographical references.

Part One. Setting and Scope -- Philanthropy Under Fire -- The Apex of American Philanthropy -- Part Two. A Gallery of Portraits -- Carnegie: Emergence from Elitism -- The Formidable Rockefeller Fleet -- Coming of Age in the Ford Foundation -- Danforth and Kellogg: Fine but Flawed -- Surdna, Bush, Pew, and Irvine: Underachievers and Delinquents -- The Ducal Du Ponts -- Texas: Rich Land, Poor Land: Moody, Houston, Richardson, and Brown -- Lily, Hartford, and Duke: Birds in Gilded Cages -- Sloan, Kettering, and Mott: GM's Philanthropic Offspring -- The Middling Mellons -- Astor, Woodruff, Kresge, Waterman, and Kaiser: Philanthropy Family Syle -- Fleischmann and Commonwealth: Two Intriguing Aberrations, Land: A Gleam of Hope -- Part Three. Patterns, Processes, and Performance -- A Profile of Big Philanthropy -- Public Reporting: The Enclave Mentality -- The Determinant Internal Forces: Donors, Trustees, and Staff -- Big Philanthropy and the Race Question: A Case Study of Performance -- Part Four. Foundations in the American Context -- Government and Foundations: The Tightening Embrace of Regulation -- Government and Foundation Programs: The Endless, Ambiguous Interface -- Summation and Assessment -- Epilogue: A Note on the Prospects for Self-Reform and Self-Renewal.

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