Buchanan, Albert Russell, 1906-

The United States and World War II. - [1st ed.]. - 2 volumes (xvii, 635 pages) illustrations, portraits, maps 22 cm. - New American Nation series . - New American nation series. .

Includes bibliographical references (pages 595-612. Bibliographical footnotes).

V.1. Editors' introductions -- Preface -- The coming of World War II: Europe -- The coming of World War II: The Far East -- War plans and the start of the War in the Pacific -- Japanese conquest of the Philippines -- The War in the Atlantic -- Democracy's Arsenal -- North Africa -- Sicily and Italy -- Strategic air warfare -- The Pacific War: plans and objectives -- Guadalcanal and Papua -- The Pacific War, 1943 -- The Pacific War, November, 1943-May, 1944 -- V.2. The statesmen at war -- The home front -- Build-up for D-Day -- Cross-channel assault and the capture of Cherbourg -- Breakout and advance to the Seine -- Advance across France -- Fall deadlock and the Battle of the Bulge -- The collapse of Germany -- China, Burma, India -- The statesmen face the peace -- The Pacific War, April-November, 1944 -- The Pacific War, November, 1944-June, 1945 -- The Pacific War, February-June, 1945 : Iwo Jima and Okinawa -- The collapse of Japan.

All aspects of America's participation in World War II - military, diplomatic, and homefront - are covered in these two volumes. Professor Buchanan describes the actual conferences among various war leaders; our working relations with the British; and plans for the postwar world.


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World War, 1939-1945--United States.

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