Advances in cryptology - CRYPTO 2007 : 27th Annual International Cryptology Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, August 19-23, 2007 ; proceedings / CRYPTO 2007 Alfred Menezes (ed.). - Berlin : Springer, 2007. - 1 online resource (xiv, 630 p.) : ill. - Springer Lecture notes in computer science, 4622 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture notes in computer science ; 4622. .

International conference proceedings. "International Association for Cryptologic Research"--Pref.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Practical cryptanalysis of SFLASH / Vivien Dubois ... [et al.] -- Full key-recovery attacks on HMAC/NMAC-MD4 and NMAC-MD5 / Pierre-Alain Fouque, Gaetan Leurent, and Phong Q. Nguyen -- How should we solve search problems privately? / Amos Beimel ... [et al.] -- Public key encryption that allows PIR queries / Dan Boneh ... [et al.] -- Information security economics--and beyond / Ross Anderson and Tyler Moore -- Cryptography with constant input locality / Benny Applebaum, Yuval Ishai, and Eyal Kushilevitz -- Universally-composable two-party computation in two rounds / Omer Horvitz and Jonathan Katz -- Indistinguishability amplification / Ueli Maurer, Krzysztof Pietrzak, and Renato Renner -- A hybrid lattice-reduction and meet-in-the-middle attack against NTRU / Nick Howgrave-Graham -- Improved analysis of kannan's shortest lattice vector algorithm (extended abstract) / Guillaume Hanrot and Damien Stehl -- Domain extension of public random functions: beyond the birthday barrier / Ueli Maurer and Stefano Tessaro Random oracles and auxiliary input / Dominique Unruh -- Security-amplifying combiners for collision-resistant hash functions / Marc Fischlin and Anja Lehmann -- Hash functions and the (amplified) boomerang attack / Antoine Joux and Thomas Peyrin -- Amplifying collision resistance: a complexity-theoretic treatment / Ran Canetti ... [et al.] -- How many oblivious transfers are needed for secure multiparty computation? / Danny Harnik, Yuval Ishai, and Eyal Kushilevitz -- Simulatable VRFs with applications to multi-theorem NIZK / Melissa Chase and Anna Lysyanskaya -- Cryptography in the multi-string model / Jens Groth and Rafail Ostrovsky -- Secure identification and QKD in the bounded-quantum-storage model / Ivan B. Damgard -- A tight high-order entropic quantum uncertainty relation with applications / Ivan B. Damgard -- Finding small roots of bivariate integer polynomial equations: a direct approach / Jean-Sebastien Coron -- A polynomial time attack on RSA with private CRT-exponents smaller than N⁰̇⁰⁷³ / Ellen Jochemsz and Alexander May -- Invertible Universal hashing and the TET encryption mode / Shai Halevi -- Reducing trust in the PKG in identity based cryptosystems / Vipul Goyal -- Pirate evolution: how to make the most of your traitor keys / Aggelos Kiayias and Serdar Pehlivanoglu -- A security analysis of the NIST SP 800-90 elliptic curve random number generator / Daniel R.L. Brown and Kristian Gjøsteen -- A generalization of DDH with applications to protocol analysis and computational soundness / Emmanuel Bresson ... [et al.] -- Chernoff-type direct product theorems / Russell Impagliazzo, Ragesh Jaiswal, and Valentine Kabanets -- Rerandomizable RCCA encryption / Manoj Prabhakaran and Mike Rosulek -- Deterministic and efficiently searchable encryption / Mihir Bellare, Alexandra Boldyreva, and Adam O'Neill -- Secure hybrid encryption from weakened key encapsulation / Dennis Hofheinz and Eike Kiltz -- Scalable and unconditionally secure multiparty computation / Ivan Damgard and Jesper Buus Nielsen -- On secure multi-party computation in black-box groups / Yvo Desmedt ... [et al.] -- A note on secure computation of the Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse and its application to secure linear algebra / Ronald Cramer, Eike Kiltz, and Carles Padr.

Annotation This volume constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 27th Annual International Cryptology Conference held in Santa Barbara, California, in August 2007. Thirty-three full papers are presented along with one important invited lecture. The papers address current foundational, theoretical, and research aspects of cryptology, cryptography, and cryptanalysis. In addition, readers will discover many advanced and emerging applications.

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