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Bad to the Bone : Crafting Electronic Systems with BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black - San Rafael : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2013. - 1 online resource (425 p.) - eBooks on Demand Synthesis Lectures on Digital Circuits and Systems . - Synthesis Lectures on Digital Circuits and Systems .

Preface; Acknowledgments; Getting Started; Welcome!; Overview; A brief Beagle history; community; BeagleBone hardware; Open source hardware; Developing with Bonescript; BeagleBone Capes; Power requirements and capabilities; Getting started Œ- success out of the box; Exercise 1: Programming with Bonescript through your browser; Exercise 2: Blinking an LED with Bonescript; Executing the blinkled.js program; Exercise 3: Developing your own Boneyard Œ- AROO!; Summary; References; Chapter Exercises; System Design: Programming; An Overview of the Design Process; Overview Anatomy of a ProgramComments; Include files; Functions; Interrupt handler definitions; Program constants; Variables; Main function; Fundamental programming concepts; Operators; Programming constructs; Decision processing; Programming in JavaScript using Node.js; JavaScript; Event-driven programming; Node.js; Bonescript Development Environment; Application 1: Robot IR sensor; Application 2: Art piece illumination system; Application 3: Blinky 602A Autonomous Maze Navigating Robot; Blinky 602A robot; Requirements; Circuit diagram; Structure chart; UML activity diagrams; Bonescript code; Summary ReferencesChapter Exercises; BeagleBone Operating Parameters and Interfacing; Overview; Operating Parameters; BeagleBone 3.3 VDC operation; Compatible 3.3 VDC logic families; Input/output operation at 5.0 VDC; Interfacing 3.3 VDC logic families to 5.0 VDC logic families; Input Devices; Switches; Switch Debouncing; Keypads; Sensors; Transducer Interface Design (TID) Circuit; Operational Amplifiers; Output Devices; Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs); Seven Segment LED Displays; Tri-state LED Indicator; Dot Matrix Display; Liquid Crystal Display (LCD); High Power Interfaces; High Power DC Devices DC Motor Speed and Direction ControlDC Motor Operating Parameters; H-bridge direction control; DC Solenoid Control; Stepper motor control; Interfacing to Miscellaneous Devices; Sonalerts, Beepers, Buzzers; Vibrating Motor; DC Fan; AC Devices; Application: Equipping the Blinky 602A robot with a LCD; Application: the Blinky 602A interface on a custom cape; Summary; References; Chapter Exercises; BeagleBone Systems Design; Overview; What is an embedded system?; Embedded system design process; Project Description; Background Research; Pre-Design; Design; Implement Prototype; Preliminary Testing Complete and Accurate DocumentationSubmersible Robot; Requirements; Structure chart; Circuit Diagram; UML Activity Diagram; BeagleBone Code; Project Extensions; Mountain Maze Navigating Robot; Description; Requirements; Circuit diagram; Structure chart; UML activity diagrams; Bonescript code; Mountain Maze; Project extensions; Summary; References; Chapter Exercises; BeagleBone features and subsystems; Overview; Programming BeagleBone in Linux, C and C++; Beagling in Linux; BeagleBone Linux releases; Bonescript processing in Linux; Updating your SD card or eMMC in Linux Programming in C using the Ångstrm Toolchain

This comprehensive book provides detailed materials for both novice and experienced programmers using all BeagleBone variants which host a powerful 32-bit, super-scalar TI Sitara ARM Cortex A8 processor. Authored by Steven F. Barrett and Jason Kridner, a seasoned ECE educator along with the founder of, respectively, the work may be used in a wide variety of projects from science fair projects to university courses and senior design projects to first prototypes of very complex systems. Beginners may access the power of the ""Bone"" through the user-friendly Bonescript examples.

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