Gramm, Kent.

November : Lincoln's Elegy at Gettysburg - Bloomington, IN : Indiana University Press, 2001. - 1 online resource (340 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Contents; NOVEMBER; NOVEMBER 1: Years Ago (All Saints); NOVEMBER 2: Our Fathers (L.L.); NOVEMBER 3: Brought Forth (Pen and Sword); NOVEMBER 4: In Vain (Lycidas); NOVEMBER 5: The Living and the Dead (Character); NOVEMBER 9: Never Forget (Nights of Broken Glass); NOVEMBER 11: Long Endure (Armistice Day); NOVEMBER 14: The Brave Men (Ia Drang); NOVEMBER 15: A Great Civil War (Virginia Wade); NOVEMBER 16: Final Resting Place (Sanctuary); NOVEMBER 17: What We Say Here (The Other Address); NOVEMBER 18: We Have Come to Dedicate (The Visitor); NOVEMBER 19: The Gettysburg Address NOVEMBER 20: That Cause (Confederate Rose)NOVEMBER 21: The World Will Little Note (Futility); NOVEMBER 22: A Larger Sense (Dallas and Oxford); NOVEMBER 23: For Us, the Living (Weep No More); NOVEMBER 24: The Last Full Measure of Devotion (Ulysses); NOVEMBER 25: Unfinished Work (JFK); NOVEMBER 26: Shall Not Perish (Beautiful and Brave); NOVEMBER 27: Highly Resolve (Thanksgiving); NOVEMBER 28: These Honored Dead (Elegy); NOVEMBER 29: Under God (Winter Saturday); NOVEMBER 30: New Birth (Advent); APPENDIX I: Modernism and Postmodernism; APPENDIX II: Lycidas APPENDIX III: Elegy Written in a Country Church-YardAPPENDIX IV: Anthem for Doomed Youth; Appreciation; Notes on the Sources; Index; About the Author

It begins with the search for hallowed ground, the exact place from which Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. In bleak November, Kent Gramm makes a pilgrimage to the most famous battleground in American history and over the course of a month transforms his search into a discovery of the meaning of Lincoln's elegy for America's identity. For Gramm, the century that began with Lincoln's address and ended with the assassinations of the 1960s saw the destruction of the 'modern' world

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Anniversaries - Social aspects - United States.
Lincoln, Abraham.
National characteristics, American.

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