Taffet, Jeffrey.

Foreign Aid as Foreign Policy : The Alliance for Progress in Latin America - Hoboken : CRC Press, 2007. - 1 online resource (324 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Front cover; Contents; Acknowledgments; Introduction: The Politics of Foreign Aid; CHAPTER 1. Changing Course in Latin America: Influences from Eisenhower, Modernization Theorists, Kennedy, and the Cuban Revolution; CHAPTER 2. Implementing the Alliance for Progress: The Initial Theoretical, Political, Management, and Marketing Problems; CHAPTER 3. Kennedy to Johnson: Giving Up on Idealism and Worrying About Political Instability; CHAPTER 4. Chile and the Alliance for Progress: Fighting Allende and Pushing Frei CHAPTER 5. Brazil and the Alliance for Progress: Undermining Goulart and Rewarding the MilitaryCHAPTER 6. The Dominican Republic and the Alliance for Progress: Using Aid to Clean Up the Post-Trujillo and Postintervention Messes; CHAPTER 7. Colombia and the Alliance for Progress: Pushing Reliable Allies to Demonstrate That Aid Could Work; CHAPTER 8. The Alliance for Progress in the Late 1960s: The Slow Fade to Irrelevance; Conclusion: Aid to Latin America in Context Appendix A: Address by President John F. Kennedy at the White House Reception for Members of the Diplomatic Crops of the Latin American Republics, March 13. 1961Appendix B: The Charter of Punta Del Este: Establishing an Alliance for Progress within the Framework of Operation Pan America, August 17, 1966; Appendix C: President Lyndon B. Johnson's Remarks on the Alliance for Progress to Representatives of the Countries of Latin America, November 26. 1963; Appendix D: Declaration of the Presidents of America, Punta del Este, Uruguay, April 14, 1967 Appendix E: Key Officials in the Alliance for Progress EraEndnotes; Index; Back cover

Foreign Aid as Foreign Policy presents a wide-ranging, thoughtful analysis of the most significant economic-aid program of the 1960s, John F. Kennedy's Alliance for Progress. Introduced in 1961, the program was a ten-year, multi-billion-dollar foreign-aid commitment to Latin American nations, meant to help promote economic growth and political reform, with the long-term goal of countering Communism in the region. Considering the Alliance for Progress in Chile, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia, Jeffrey F. Taffet deftly examines the program's successes and failures, providing an in-d

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