Renwick, Alan.

The Politics of Electoral Reform : Changing the Rules of Democracy - Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010. - 1 online resource (328 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Cover; Half-title; Title; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; Tables; Figures; Abbreviations; Acknowledgements; 1 Introduction; Existing approaches to analysing electoral reform; Types of electoral reform; The road ahead: building blocks and processes; Conclusions: power, interests, values, and outcomes; Part I Building blocks; 2 What motivates actors?; 3 From motivations to outcomes: exogenous factors; 4 The reform process: endogenous factors; Part II Elite majority imposition; 5 France: the recurrent game of electoral reform; 6 Italy: the search for stability; 7 Japan: the persistence of SNTV 8 Elite majority imposition: comparative analysisPart III Elite-mass interaction; 9 Italy: diluting proportional representation; 10 Japan: the abandonment of SNTV; 11 New Zealand: MMP in a Westminster setting; 12 Elite-mass interaction: comparative analysis; 13 Conclusions and implications; Appendix: Glossary of electoral system terminology; Bibliography; Index

Elections lie at the heart of democracy, and this book seeks to understand how electoral systems are chosen.

9780511679865 99 (NL)

Representative government and representation.

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