Spurr, Russell.

Enter the Dragon : China's Undeclared War Against the U.S. in Korea, 1950-1951 - New York : Newmarket Press, 2010. - 1 online resource (444 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Praise; Title Page; Dedication; Major Narrative Characters; Chronology; Acknowledgements; Prologue; PART ONE - A DISTANT THUNDER; 1 - Colonel Wong Observes on the North Korean Front.; 2 - With Maggie and Mike Inside the Pusan Perimeter.; 3 - INTERLUDE The Middle Kingdom / Land of the Morning Calm.; 4 - Conference in the Forbidden City / The Chinese Generals Consider Their Options.; 5 - A Friendly Evening of Drinking With Our Soviet Comrades / General Peng ...; 6 - With Maggie and MacArthur at Inchon / Colonel Wong Gets Strafed in an ...; PART TWO - ENTER THE DRAGON 7 - On the Chinese Home Front / The Dragon Crosses the Yalu River / Commissar ...8 - "Grateful As We Are For Chinese Assistance ..."/The Dragon Strikes At Unsan ...; 9 - Jia Peixing at the Chungchon Front / "Scared of a Bunch of Chinese ...; 10 - With the Scots at Chungchon / An American Sacrifice / A Runner in Battle.; 11 - "Dushman" / The Doomed Retreat Down Sunchon Road of U.S. 2nd Division / ...; 12 - The UN Withdraws from Pyongyang / Making Movies with Kim Il Sung / General ...; PART THREE - BLOOD IN THE SNOW 13 - The Chinese in New York, the British in Washington / An Army Drunk with ...14 - The U.S. Marines Retreat to the Sea / Colonel Wong Among the Snowmen / Ah ...; 15 - General Matt Ridgway and the Demolition of Al Jolson / General Peng ...; 16 - High Tide of the Chinese Advance / The Sharp Swords Meet the Meatgrinder ...; Epilogue; APPENDIX - Abbreviated Command Structure, Chinese Peoples' Volunteers; Bibliography; INDEX; About the Author; NEWMARKET PRESS BOOKS BY RUSSELL SPURR; Copyright Page

Reissued to coincide with the 60th anniversary of U.S. involvement in the Korean War, this gripping, dramatic military classic re-creates six pivotal months in the conflict, told from both the Chinese and Allied sides.The Korean War was, years before Vietnam, the first great East-West military misadventure, eventually engaging sixteen countries under the U.N. flag in war against China and North Korea. Enter the Dragon examines the Chinese side of the Korean War for the first time, re-creating and dramatizing Communist China's reluctant role in the undeclared war agai

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Korean War, 1950-1953 -- Campaigns.
Korean War, 1950-1953 -- China.

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