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Imperial Warlord : A Biography of Cao Cao 155-220 AD - Leiden : BRILL, 2010. - 1 online resource (567 p.) - eBooks on Demand Sinica Leidensia . - Sinica Leidensia .

List of Maps and Tables; Introduction; Chapter One Grandson of a Eunuch 155-189; Chapter Two To Guard the Emperor 190-196; Chapter Three To Battle at Guandu 197-200; Chapter Four The Conduct of Civil War; Chapter Five Conquest of the North 201-207; Chapter Six Red Cliffs 208; Chapter Seven Military Matters 209-217; Chapter Eight Court and Capital; Chapter Nine Tensions of Loyalty 210-217; Chapter Ten The Last Years 218-220; Chapter Eleven Another Life: History, Anecdote and Fiction; Bibliography; Index

The warlord Cao Cao, founder of the Three Kingdoms state of Wei, is most commonly known through the romantic tradition of the novel Sanguo yanyi and other dramatic fictions, which portray him as cruel and vicious. In fact, however, Cao Cao was a fine strategist and politician who restored a measure of order after the political turmoil and civil war that brought the end of Han.The present work offers a detailed account of Cao Cao's life and times, using historical materials and the man's own words from official proclamations and personal poetry. Exceptionally for such a distant time, there is s

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Cao, Cao, 155-220.
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