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Make Music with Your iPad®; Acknowledgments; Credits; About the Author; Contents; Introduction; More than 'Just a Big iPhone'; You Have to Spend Money to Make Music; How This Book Is Organized; Conventions Used in This Book; Part I: iPad Music-Making Basics; Chapter 1: Get Yourself Connected; Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit; Line-In Connections: Guitar, Bass, and More; Microphones; MIDI Keyboards and Other Devices; Headphones and Speakers; Connecting to 3G Networks; Connecting to Wi-Fi Networks; Charging Your iPad and Preserving Power; Chapter 2: I Write the Songs Viewing Sheet Music on the iPadWriting Sheet Music; Writing Lyrics; Chapter 3: Practice Makes Perfect; Slow Down Music for Learning and Practice; Find Chords, Tabs, and Music for Popular Songs; Chapter 4: You Send Me; Uploading Your Music to the Web; Collaborating and Sharing Audio Files and Projects; Promoting Your Songs; Selling Your Music on iTunes and Other Stores; Chapter 5: Are Friends Electric?; Extend Your Desktop with Air Display; Transfer Projects and Loops to Your Computer; Control Desktop Software with AC-7 Core for iPad; Chapter 6: All Mixed Up; Sampling with the iPad Mixing and DJing with the iPadThe Turntable Alternative; Creating Beats and Rhythms; Chapter 7: Different Strings; Jamming and Practicing; Get Rocking with Legendary (Virtual) Amps; Working with Pedals and Effects; Recording Acoustic Instruments; Recording and Playing Bass; Chapter 8: Give Me the Keys; Connecting Keyboards to Your iPad; Playing with an Onscreen Keyboard; Synths and Sampling; Chapter 9: Sing for the Moment; Recording Vocals; Vocal Effects and Techniques; Using Loopers for Unique Vocal Tracks; Rap and Hip Hop; Vocal Warm-up and Practice; Chapter 10: Bang the Drum Recording Live DrumsFinger Drumming; Drum Programming; Unique Beat Creation; Import and Export; Part II: GarageBand Master Class; Chapter 11: Understanding GarageBand; Tracks; The Control Bar; The GarageBand Instruments; Chapter 12: Song Settings; The Metronome; Tempo Control; Setting the Key; AirPlay, Bluetooth, and HDMI; Chapter 13: Organizing Instruments; Selecting and Adding Instruments; The Apple Loops Popover; The Song Sections Popover; Chapter 14: Building a Drum Section; Start with the Basics; Add Intros and Fills; Use Multiple Tracks; Enhance Smart Drums Tracks Chapter 15: Editing RegionsMoving Track Regions; Looping Regions; Trimming a Region; Splitting a Region; Copying and Pasting Regions; Chapter 16: Mixing Your Project; Working with Levels; The Difference between Wet and Dry; Adjusting Pan; Reverb; Echo; Master Effects; Mixing on a Computer; Chapter 17: Exporting Your Project; Organizing Songs; Another Way Out; Chapter 18: Advanced Techniques; Importing Audio Files from E‑mails; Bouncing and Merging Tracks; Bouncing Tracks Manually; Transposition; Quantization; Create New Smart Instrument Patterns; Part III: Your First Song Chapter 19: The Planning Stage

Get the most out of your iPad's music capabilities! Music recording and performance apps are some of the top grossing applications for iPad. Major label artists are making use of Apple's iOS products and apps to make music and have even recorded complete albums on the iPad. Written by an experienced Apple and digital music journalist, this unique resource opens your eyes--and ears--to the amazing possibilities that the iPad offers as a musical creation device for both novices and professionals. You'll sing a new tune when you learn the power and simplicity of using the iPad as a tool

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