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Windows Server 2008 R2 Secrets. - Hoboken : Wiley, 2011. - 1 online resource (578 p.) - eBooks on Demand Secrets . - Secrets .

Windows Server 2008 R2 Secrets; About the Author; About the Technical Editor; Acknowledgments; Read This First; Who This Book Is For; What This Book Covers; How This Book Is Structured; What You Need to Use This Book; Features and Icons Used in This Book; Part I: Depolyment and Administration Secrets; Chapter 1: Windows Server 2008 R2 Deployment Secrets; Choosing an Edition of Windows Server 2008 R2; Deciding Between Types of Installation; Optimizing Your Deployment Image; Minimizing Deployment Time; Activating Windows; Summary; Chapter 2: The Windows Server 2008 R2 Administrator's Toolkit Choosing the Right Remote Administration ToolRemote Desktop; Management Consoles; Remote Windows PowerShell; Emergency Management Services (When All Else Fails); Summary; Chapter 3: Server Core Secrets; Using Server Core Administration Tools; Performing Server Core Post-Deployment Tasks; Understanding the Sconfig.cmd; Administering with Server Core Configurator; Understanding Server Core Infrastructure Roles; Summary; Chapter 4: Active Directory Domains and Forests; Understanding Forests and Domains; Setting Domain and Forest Functional Levels; Selecting the DNS Server Defining Active Directory SitesDefining FSMO Roles; Using Read-Only Domain Controllers; Securing with Global Catalog Servers and Universal Group Membership Caching; Maintaining the Active Directory Database; Summary; Chapter 5: Effectively Managing Group Policy; Applying Group Policy; Using Group Policy Management Console; Using Important Group Policy Features; Completing Common Group Policy Tasks; Summary; Chapter 6: Managing Users and Computers; Using Organizational Unit Structures; Managing User Accounts; Configuring Account Policies; Managing Groups; Creating Computer Accounts; Summary Chapter 7: Managing Active Directory Certificate ServicesUnderstanding Certification Authority Types; Managing Certification Authorities; Using Certificate Templates; Utilizing Certificate Autoenrollment; Recovering Certificates; Backing Up Certificate Services; Revoking Certificates; Summary; Part II: Network Infrastructure and Security Secrets; Chapter 8: Network Addressing; Understanding IPv4 and DHCP; Understanding IPv6; Transitioning to IPv6; Summary; Chapter 9: Securing the Network: Windows Firewall and Network Access Protection; Understanding Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Understanding Connection Security RulesUnderstanding and Configuring Network Access Protection; Summary; Part III: Shared Folder and Data Protection Secrets; Chapter 10: Secrets behind Shared Folders; Using the Share and Storage Management Console; Using File Server Resource Manager; Working with the Distributed File System; Utilizing BranchCache; Working with Offline Files; Summary; Chapter 11: Keeping Data Private; Encrypting File System; Encrypting with BitLocker; Using Active Directory Rights Management Services; Summary; Chapter 12: Backup and Recovery Using and Configuring Windows Server Backup

Unbeatable advice and expert tips for administering, upgrading or migrating to Windows Server 2008 R2 If you're a Windows Server 2008 system administrator, this is a reference you?ll want to keep on hand. Written by a Microsoft MVP who has multiple MCITP certifications and bestselling author, this book gives you invaluable tips and unbeatable advice for deploying and managing Windows Server 2008 R2. Covering all aspects of the operating system in an easy-to-follow, easy-access format, the book reveals helpful and advanced secrets on configuring Windows roles like DirectAccess, BranchC

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