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Marigold : The Lost Chance for Peace in Vietnam - Palo Alto : Stanford University Press, 2012. - 1 online resource (936 p.) - eBooks on Demand Cold War International History Project . - Cold War International History Project .

Contents; Maps and Photographs; Introduction; A Note on Names and Terminology; Abbreviations Used in the Text; Prologue: Mission Impossible? "Operation Lumbago" and LBJ's Thirty-Seven-Day Bombing Pause, December 1965-January 1966; Chapter 1: Ðông Chí Lewandowski's Secret Mission: The Players Take Their Places, February- June 1966; Chapter 2: "Could It Really Be Peace?" Marigold's "Devious Channels"-Act One: July 1966; Chapter 3: Intermezzo: August to October 1966-A "Mosaic of Indiscretions and Rumors""; Chapter 4: "A Nerve-Eating Business": Marigold Blossoms-Act Two: November 1966 Chapter 5: "Something Big Has Happened": Toward the Warsaw Meeting, December 1-5, 1966Chapter 6: Informing the North Vietnamese Ambassador in Warsaw: Nguyen Dinh Phuong's Marigold Mystery Tour; Chapter 7: "It Is Pity": Waiting for Gronouski-December 6, 1966; Chapter 8: "It Looked as If We Could Move Forward": Marigold in Suspense, December 7-13, 1966; Chapter 9: "The Americans Have Gone Mad": Bombing Hanoi Again, December 13/14-18, 1966; Chapter 10: "The Christmas Present": Marigold's Last Gasp, and First Leaks, December 19-24, 1966 Chapter 11: "The Ultimate Reply": The End of the Affair, December 25-31, 1966Chapter 12: Secret Spats: Talking and Fighting, January 1967; Chapter 13: "A Sunburst of Recriminations": Riders on the Storm, February-June 1967; Chapter 14: The Long Year Wanes: D'Orlandi, Lodge, and Lewandowski Leave Vietnam, March-June 1967; Chapter 15: "You Will Never Get the Inside Story": The Secret Search for The Secret Search for Peace in Vietnam, May 1967-March 1968; Chapter 16: Sequels, Revivals, Regrets: Marigold's Echoes during LBJ's Last Year, February 1968-January 1969 Epilogue: "A Lot More Dead Young Soldiers"-Last Words, and the Battle for HistoryAcknowledgments; A Note on Sources; Notes; Selected Bibliography; About the Author; Index

Marigold presents the first rigorously documented, in-depth story of one of the Vietnam War's last great mysteries: the secret Polish-Italian peace initiative, codenamed ""Marigold,"" that sought to end the war, or at least to open direct talks between Washington and Hanoi, in 1966. The initiative failed, the war dragged on for another seven years, and this episode sank into history as an unresolved controversy. Antiwar critics claimed Johnson had bungled (or, worse, deliberately sabotaged) a breakthrough by bombing Hanoi on the eve of a planned historic secret US-North Vietnamese

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United States -- Foreign relations -- 1963-1969.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Diplomatic history.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Peace.

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