Khoo, Nicholas.

Collateral Damage : Sino-Soviet Rivalry and the Termination of the Sino-Vietnamese Alliance - New York : Columbia University Press, 2011. - 1 online resource (281 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Contents; List of Tables; Acknowledgments; 1 - China's Cold War Alliance with Vietnam: Historical and Theoretical Significance; 2 - Breaking the Ring of Encirclement: Sino-Soviet Alliance Termination and the Chinese Communists' Vietnam Policy, 1964-1968; 3 - A War on Two Fronts: The Sino-Soviet Conflict During the Vietnam War and the Betrayal Thesis, 1968-1973; 4 - The Politics of Victory: Sino-Soviet Relations and the Road to Vietnamese Unification, 1973-1975; 5 - The End of An ""Indestructible Friendship"": Soviet Resurgence and the Termination of the Sino-Vietnamese Alliance, 1975-1979 6 - When Allies Become EnemiesNotes; Bibliography; Index

Although the Chinese and the Vietnamese were Cold War allies in wars against the French and the Americans, their alliance collapsed and they ultimately fought a war against each other in 1979. More than thirty years later the fundamental cause of the alliance's termination remains contested among historians, international relations theorists, and Asian studies specialists. Nicholas Khoo brings fresh perspective to this debate.Using Chinese-language materials released since the end of the Cold War, Khoo revises existing explanations for the termination of China's alliance with

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