Loeffel, Robert.

Family Punishment in Nazi Germany : Sippenhaft, Terror and Myth - New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. - 1 online resource (271 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Cover; Half-Title; Title; Copyright; Contents; Introduction: Sippenhaft, Terror and Fear: The Historiography of the Nazi Terror State; The consent and coercion debate; The methods of transmission; The importance of rumour in Nazi Germany; Outline of this book; A word on sources; Conclusion; 1 Sippenhaft and German Society, 1933-1945; Sippenhaft and the rise to power; Sippenhaft and resistance during the Second World War; The German home front after Stalingrad; Conclusion; 2 '... imprisonment of relatives, life or liberty ...' Sippenhaft and the Wehrmacht The foundation of Sippenhaft in the WehrmachtSippenhaft and the Wehrmacht, 1939-1944; Sippenhaft against Volksdeutche Germans; Sippenhaft and 20 July 1944; Codification of terror; Conclusion; 3 Sippenhaft and the NKFD and the BDO; Background; The German reaction; Cherkassy; Effect of 20 July 1944; The limits of Sippenhaft; Sippenhaft and the political significance of the NKFD and BDO; Conclusion; 4 '... if a man in this Reich is untrue, then he and his family will be punished ...' Sippenhaft and the 20 July 1944 Plot; Establishing Sippenhaft and 20 July 1944; Sippenhaft put into effect Continuing rhetoric, fear, expansion and limitations of SippenhaftThe fate of the von Stauffenberg Family; The transformation of Sippenhaft and 20 July 1944; Challenging terror: interventions, representations and release; Confusion and fear; Those that remained in Sippenhaft detention; Conclusion; 5 Sippenhaft Kinderheim: The Children of Bad Sachsa; The Sippenhaft prisoners of Bad Sachsa; Life in the camp: determining intention; A change of plan; Conclusion; Conclusion; List of Abbreviations Used in Notes and Bibliography; Notes; Bibliography; Glossary; Index

In the Third Reich, political dissidents were not the only ones liable to be punished for their crimes. Their parents, siblings and relatives also risked reprisals. This concept - known as Sippenhaft - was based in ideas of blood and purity. This definitive study surveys the threats, fears and infliction of this part of the Nazi system of terror.

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Political prisoners -- Germany -- History -- 20th century.
Prisoners' families -- Germany -- History -- 20th century.
World War, 1939-1945 -- Prisoners and prisons.

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