Gifford, Laura Jane.

The Right Side of the Sixties : Reexamining Conservatism's Decade of Transformation - New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. - 1 online resource (285 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Cover; The Right Side of the Sixties; Contents; Introduction: What Happened to Conservatism in the 1960s?; Historians' Understanding of 1960s Conservatism; The Politics of Race; Shaping Conservative Ideology; God and Country; The International Arena; The Conservative Triumph in the GOP; Notes; The Politics of Race; Courting Conservatism: White Resistance and theIdeology of Race in the 1960s; The Citizens' Council as a Channel of White Resistance; Connecting Segregation with Conservatism; Notes; "Inequality for All and Mint Juleps, Too":White Social Sororities and "Freedom of Association" The Formation of the NPC's Conservative EthicThe NPC Allies with the Conservative Movement; The Conservative Movement Supports Greek- Letter Organizations; The "Color- Blind" Rhetoric of the NPC and theConservative Movement in the 1960s; Notes; "Build, Baby, Build": Conservative Black Nationalists,Free Enterprise, and the Nixon Administration; Notes; Shaping Conservative Ideology; Fellow Travelers: Overlap between "Mainstream"and "Extremist" Conservatives in the Early 1960s; Americanist Ideology; Individual Americanists; "Mainstream" Distancing; "Mainstream" and "Extremist" Overlap; Notes From Without to Within the Movement:Consolidating the Conservative Think Tank inthe "Long Sixties"A Three- Stage Transition; Ideological Objectivity; An Activist Awakening; Legitimizing Partisan Advocacy:The Development of the "Marketplace"; Consolidation; Notes; God and Country; The Righteousness of Difference: Orthodox Jewsand the Establishment Clause, 1965- 71; Educating for Equality; Cultural Conservatism and the Court; Assimilationism and Its Discontents; Orthodoxy Finds Its Voice; COLPA and the Constitution; An Unlikely 1960s Artifact; Notes Richard Nixon's Religious Right: Catholics,Evangelicals, and the Creation of an Antisecular AllianceEvangelicals and Catholics before the 1960s; Nixon's Evangelical, Anti- Catholic Coalition; Secularism and the Weakening of Evangelical Anti- Catholicism; Nixon's New Interreligious Coalition; Notes; The International Arena; "Girded with a Moral and Spiritual Revival": The ChristianAnti- Communism Crusade and Conservative Politics; Becoming an Activist; Education is the Key; Anti- Communism Schools; Schwarz's Icarus Moment; A Complex Legacy; Notes Disarming the Devil: The Conservative Campaignagainst a Nuclear Détente in the 1960sThe Cuban Missile Crisis and Changing Terms of Debate; A Different Vision of the Federal State; Defense Workers Join the Fight; Foundation for the Future; Notes; Defending Freedom in Vietnam: A Conservative Dilemma; The Legend of the Conservative Hawk and the Mistake of Vietnam; The Vietnam Problem; Enhancing a Movement; A Foundation for the Future; Notes; Evangelical Internationalism: A ConservativeWorldview for the Age of Globalization; Traditionalism; Evangelical Internationalism; Notes The Conservative Triumph in the GOP

A fresh look at conservatism in the 1960s and the way in which the changes of the decade shaped the development of American politics for the next half-century

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