Perttula, Timothy K.

The Archaeology of the Caddo. - Lincoln : UNP - Nebraska Paperback, 2012. - 1 online resource (535 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Cover; Title Page; Copyright page; Contents; List of Figures; List of Tables; Foreword; 1. The Archaeology of the Caddo in Southwest Arkansas,Northwest Louisiana, Eastern Oklahoma, andEast Texas: An Introduction to the Volume; 2. Form and Structure in Prehistoric Caddo Pottery Design; 3. At the House of the Priest: Faunal Remains from theCrenshaw Site (3MI6), Southwest Arkansas; 4. Bioarchaeological Evidence of Subsistence Strategiesamong the East Texas Caddo; 5. Spiro Reconsidered: Sacred Economy at the WesternFrontier of the Eastern Woodlands 6. Viewshed Characteristics of Caddo Mounds in theArkansas Basin7. Exploring Prehistoric Caddo Communities throughArchaeogeophysics; 8. The Evolution of a Caddo Community inNortheast Texas; 9. Settlement Patterns and Variation in Caddo PotteryDecoration: A Case Study of the Willow ChuteBayou Locality; 10. Caddo in the Saline River Valley of Arkansas: TheBorderlands Project and the Hughes Site; 11. Spatial Patterns of Caddo Mound Sites in the WestGulf Coastal Plain of Arkansas; 12. Decisions in Landscape Setting Selection of thePrehistoric Caddo of Southeastern Oklahoma:A gis Analysis 13. The Character of Fifteenth- to Seventeenth-CenturyCaddo Communities in the Big Cypress Creek Basinof Northeast Texas14. The Belcher Phase: Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-CenturyCaddo Occupation of the Red River Valley in NorthwestLouisiana and Southwest Arkansas; 15. The Terán Map and Caddo Cosmology; References Cited; Contributors; Index

This landmark volume provides the most comprehensive overview to date of the prehistory and archaeology of the Caddo peoples. The Caddos lived in the Southeastern Woodlands for more than 900 years beginning around A.D. 800-900, before being forced to relocate to Oklahoma in 1859. They left behind a spectacular archaeological record, including the famous Spiro Mound site in Oklahoma as well as many other mound centers, plazas, farmsteads, villages, and cemeteries.The Archaeology of the Caddo examines new advances in studying the history of the Caddo peoples, including

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Caddo Indians --Antiquities
Caddo Indians--History
Caddo Indians--Social life and customs
Excavations (Archaeology) --Great Plains

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