Appelbaum, Nancy P.

Muddied Waters : Race, Region, and Local History in Colombia, 1846-1948 - Durham : Duke University Press, 2003. - 1 online resource (319 p.) - eBooks on Demand Latin America Otherwise . - Latin America Otherwise .

CONTENTS; List of Illustrations; Acknowledgments; Introduction Riosucio: Race, Colonization, Region, and Community; PART 1 COUNTRY OF REGIONS 1846-1886; ONE Beauty and the Beast: Antioquia and Cauca; TWO ''Accompanied by Progress'': Cauca Intermediaries and Antioqueño Migration; THREE ''By Consent of the Indígenas'': Riosucio's Indigenous Communities; PART 2 THE WHITE REPUBLIC ,1886-1930; FOUR Regenerating Riosucio: Regeneration and the Transition to Conservative Rule; FIVE Regenerating Conflict: Riosucio's Indígenas in the White Republic SIX Riosucio on the Margins of the ''Model Department''PART 3 REMEMBER IN GRACE, REGION, AND COMMUNITY; SEVEN Remembering Riosucio: Imagining a Mestizo Community; EIGHT Remembering San Lorenzo: Imagining an Indigenous Community; Conclusion Reimagining Region and Nation; Notes; Bibliography; Index

Claims that Colombia's present-day regional and local hierarchies were shaped by 19th and 20th century processes of colonization and that regionalism and race are tied into Colombia's history of violence.

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