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Journalism and Free Speech; Copyright; Contents; Table of Legistlation; Table of Cases; Acknowledgements; Preface; Introduction: Free speech under attack?; Aims of the book; Freedom of speech and freedom of the press; Structure; 1 The philosophy of free speech; Introduction; The liberal idea of freedom; Toleration as a 'liberal' concept; Free speech arguments; Conclusion: Freedom of speech towards freedom of the press?; 2 Freedom of speech and the journalistic impulse; Introduction; The rise of censorship and control; The English Civil War and its legacy; News' and the public sphere American and French RevolutionsThe 'idea' of the fourth estate; The 'struggle' for press freedom; Conclusion; 3 Journalism and the democratic imperative; Introduction; Theorising journalism and democracy; Commercial speech and free speech; Political communication and the democratic deficit; Conclusion; 4 Journalism, new media and the global public sphere; Introduction; Globalisation and the reinvigoration of the public sphere; New media and journalism; WikiLeaks controversy; Global public sphere: reality or illusion?; Conclusion; 5 Regulating broadcast journalism; Introduction Regulation in contextThe public service ideal; Communications Act 2003; Regulatory mechanisms; BBC Editorial Guidelines; Requirements of news media; Broadcasters and privacy; Conclusion; 6 Privacy and the public interest; Introduction; Privacy in theory; Privacy and the press; Human Rights Act 1998; Conclusion; 7 Libel and the public interest; Introduction; Defamation in principle; Defamation in practice; Public interest defence; Defamation in English law; Defamation in U.S. law; Conclusion; 8 Security and insecurity; Introduction; State control; Terrorism The media and the 'troubles' in Northern IrelandThe 'war on terror'; Analysing media and terrorism; War; Cold War insecurities; Censorship and modern warfare; Conclusion; 9 Ownership; Introduction; Press freedom and the market imperative; The political economy of ownership; Manufacturing Consent; Conclusion; 10 Constitutive censorship: News, language and culture; Introduction; Language and news values; Discourse and power; The 'tyranny' of 'PC'!; Freedom of speech and religion; Conclusion: Orwell and his legacy; Censorship [just] is; Notes; Bibliography; Index

Journalism and Free Speech brings together for the first time an historical and theoretical exploration of journalism and its relationship with the idea of free speech. Though freedom of the press is widely regarded as an essential ingredient to democratic societies, the relationship between the idea of freedom of speech and the practice of press freedom is one that is generally taken for granted. Censorship, in general terms is an anathema. This book explores the philosophical and historical development of free speech and critically examines the ways in which it relates to

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