Therapeutic proteins : strategies to modulate their plasma half-lives / edited by Roland Kontermann. - Weinheim, Germany : Wiley-Blackwell, c2012. - 1 online resource (xviii, 354 p.) : ill. (some col.) - Wiley Online Library. Methods and principles in medicinal chemistry ; v. 48 . - Methods and principles in medicinal chemistry ; v. 48. .

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Front Matter -- General Information. Half-Life Modulating Strategies : An Introduction / Roland E Kontermann -- Pharmacokinetics and Half-Life of Protein Therapeutics / Bernd Meibohm -- Half-Life Extension through Chemical and Post-Translational Modifications. Half-Life Extension through PEGylation / Simona Jev₍evar, Menci Kunstelj -- Half-Life Extension of Therapeutic Proteins via Genetic Fusion to Recombinant PEG Mimetics / Uli Binder, Arne Skerra -- Half-Life Extension through -Glycosylation / Fuad Fares -- Polysialic Acid and Polysialylation to Modulate Antibody Pharmacokinetics / Antony Constantinou, Chen Chen, Mahendra P Deonarain -- Half-Life Extension through HESylationʼ / Thomas Hey, Helmut Knoller, Peter Vorstheim -- Half-Life Modulation Involving Recycling by the Neonatal Fc Receptor. The Biology of the Neonatal Fc Receptor (FcRn) / Jonghan Kim -- Half-Life Extension by Fusion to the Fc Region / Jalal A Jazayeri, Graeme J Carroll -- Monomeric Fc Fusion Technology: An Approach to Create Long-Lasting Clotting Factors / Jennifer A Dumont, Xiaomei Jin, Robert T Peters, Alvin Luk, Glenn F Pierce, Alan J Bitonti -- The Diverse Roles of FcRn: Implications for Antibody Engineering / E Sally Ward, Raimund J Ober -- Half-Life Extension by Fusion to Recombinant Albumin / Hubert J Metzner, Thomas Weimer, Stefan Schulte -- AlbudAb₉ Technology Platform₆Versatile Albumin Binding Domains for the Development of Therapeutics with Tunable Half-Lives / Christopher Herring, Oliver Schon -- Half-Life Extension by Binding to Albumin through an Albumin Binding Domain / Fredrik Y Frejd -- Half-Life Extension by Binding to Albumin through Small Molecules / Sabrina Trussel, Joerg Scheuermann, Dario Neri -- Half-Life Extension with Pharmaceutical Formulations. Half-Life Extension with Pharmaceutical Formulations: Liposomes / Astrid Hartung, Gerd Bendas -- Half-Life Extension with Pharmaceutical Formulations: Nanoparticles by the Miniemulsion Process / Katharina Landfester, Anna Musyanovych, Volker Mail̃nder -- Index.

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Protein drugs--Design.
Proteins--Therapeutic use.

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