Beardslee, David C., 1925-

Readings in perception, selected and ed. by David C. Beardslee and Michael Wertheimer. - Princeton, N.J., Van Nostrand 1960, c1958. - xiii, 751 p. ill. - The university series in psychology . - University series in psychology. .

Includes bibliographical references.

Some Structural Factors in Perception / Clifford T. Morgan -- Some Psychological Effects of Adrenochrome / Abram Hoffer, Humphrey Osmond, John Smythies -- Sensation and Measurement / Ira Hirsch -- Color Adaptation under Conditions of Homogeneous Visual Stimulation / Julian Hochberg, William Triebel, Gideon Seaman -- Points and Lines as Stimuli / Kurt Koffka -- The Modes of Appearance of Colours / David Katz -- The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two; Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information / George Miller -- Principles of Perceptual Organization / Max Wertheimer -- An Experimental Study of the Phenomenon of Closure as a Threshold Function / Joseph Bobbitt -- A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Closure / Donald Michael -- Configurational Properties Considered "Good" by Naive Subjects / Marian Mowatt -- A Quantitative Approach to Figural "Goodness" / Julian Hochberg, Edward McAlister -- Figure and Ground / Edgar Rubin -- The Effect of "Punishment" (Electric Shock) on Figure-Ground Perception / Donald Smith, Julian Hochberg -- Configuration and Brightness Contrast / William Mikesell, Madison Bentley. Brightness Constancy and the Nature of Achromatic Colors / Hans Wallch -- Some Factors and Implications of Color Constancy / Harry Helson -- Expectation and the Perception of Color / Jerome Bruner, Leo Postman, John Rodrigues -- Further Studies in the Perception of a Changing Shape / F.J. Langdon -- Arrested Vision / Austin Riesen -- Effects of Early Experience on Social Behavior / Ronald Melzack, WIlliam Thompson -- Effects of Decreased Variation in the Sensory Environment / W. Harold Bexton, Woodburn Heron, Thomas Scott -- Visual Disturbances after Prolonged Perceptual Isolation / Woodburn Heron, B.K. Doane, Thomas Scott -- The Theory of Adaptation Level / Harry Helson -- Relational Determination in Perception / Wolfgang Kohler -- Perceived Motion / Kurt Koffka -- On Constancy of Visual Speed / Hans Wallach -- Causality and Activity / A. Michotte -- The Physiological Control of Judgments of Duration: Evidence for a Chemical Clock / Hudson Hoagland -- Time Orientation and Social Class / Lawrence LeShan -- Space Perception in the Chich / Eckhard Hess -- Perception of Distance and Space in the Open Air / James Gibson. Experiments in Perception / William Ittelson, Franklin Kilpatrick -- Determinants of Apparent Visual Size with Distanc Variant / Alfred Holway, Edwin Boring -- Reinforcemnts and Extinction as Factors in Size Estimation / William Lambert, Richard Solomon, Peter Watson -- The Localization of Actual Sources of Sound / S.S. Steves, Edwin Newman -- On Sound Localization; The Role of Head Movements in Sound Localization / Hans Wallich -- Toward a General Theory of Perception / Heins Werner, Seymour Wapner -- The Nature and importance of Individual Differences in Perception / Herman Witkin -- Effects of the Gestalt Revolution: The Cornell Symposium on Perception / Julian Hochberg -- An Experimental Study of Imagination / Cheves West Perky -- Cultural Factors in the Structuralization of Perception / A. Irving Hallowell -- The Projective Expression of Needs. II. The Effect of Different Intensities of the Hunger Drive on Thematic Apperception / John Atkinson, David McClelland -- Frequencey of Usage as a Determinant of Recognition Thresholds for Words / Richard Solomon, Leo Postman. An Experimental Distinction between Perceptual Process and Verbal Response / Ulric Neisser -- Accuracy of Recognition with Alternatives before and after the Stimulus / Douglas Lawrence, George Coles -- Personality Dynamics and Auditory Perceptual Recognition / Richard Lazarus, Charles Eriksen, Charles Fonda -- Is There a Mechanism of Perceptual Defense? / Leo Postman, Wand Bronson, George Gropper -- On the Perception of Incongruity: A Paradigm / Jerome Bruner, Leo Postman -- Intolerance of Ambiguity as an Emotional and Perceptual Personality Variable / Else Frenkel-Brunswik -- On Perceptual Readiness / Jerome Bruner.


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