Hull, Clark Leonard, 1884-1952.

Hypnosis and suggestibility, an experimental approach, by Clark L. Hull ... - New York, London, D. Appleton-Century company, inc. [c1933] - xii p., 2 l., 3-416 p. illus., plates, port., diagrs. 23 cm. - The Century psychology series .

"References" at end of each chapter.

Hypnotism in scientific perspective -- Elementary phenomena of hypnosis and suggestibility -- Experimental phenomena of direct waking suggestion -- Some relationships of experimental hypnosis and suggestibility -- The recovery of lost memories in the hypnotic trance -- Experimental aspects of post-hypnotic phenomena -- Hypnosis and the dissociation hypothesis -- Hypnosis conceived as sleep -- Hypnotic suggestibility and the transcendence of voluntary capacity -- Hypnosis as a state of heightened suggestibility -- Hypnosis regarded as habit -- Hypnosis and non-prestige suggestion -- Interpretations.


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Mental suggestion.

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