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Cover; Title; Copyright; Original Title; Original Copyright; Contents; Foreword; Preface and Acknowledgments; 1 An Overview; Purpose of this Chapter; The NRPB: Child of the Depression and the New Deal; Tasks and Roles; Organization and Structure; Output of Reports; The NRPB in the Federal Structure; Why and How the NRPB Was Killed 10; The NRPB's Legacy; Does the United States Today Need a Reconstituted NRPB?; I. ORIGIN AND SETTING; 2 The Situation From Which the Board Arose; Back to Normalcy-Post-World War I and the 1920s; Crash and Depression; The New Deal; Recovery Versus Reform 3 Predecessors of the BoardStudy of Recent Social Trends; Studies of America's Capacity; Agricultural Planning; National Capital Park and Planning Commission; Governmental Measures During the Hoover Administration; Conclusion; II. HISTORY, ORGANIZATION, OPERATION; 4 The Evolution of the Board and Its Predecessor Agencies; Beginnings; National Planning Board; National Resources Board; National Resources Committee; National Resources Planning Board; 5 Actors in the Board's Operations; President Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Harold L. Ickes; Frederic A. Delano; Charles E. Merriam Merriam-Eliot DifferencesTwo Old-Boy Networks; Supporting Actors; 6 Organization, Structure, and Functioning; Policy or Directing Boards; Central Office Staff; Committees; Use of Consultants; The NRPB's Field Organization; Relationships to State and Local Planning Organizations; Summary and Evaluation; 7 The Roles Played by the Board; Idea Development and Stimulation; Planning as a Governmental Activity; Planning as the NRPB and Its Officials Saw It; Planning as the NRPB's Opponents Saw It; NRPB Helps Develop Planning as a Governmental Activity Published Reports of the NRPB as a Measure of Its ActivitiesIII. SUBSTANTIVE FIELDS AND ACTIVITIES; 8 NRPB Reports Concerning Natural Resources; The 1934 Report; Subsequent History and Work of the Water Committee; Subsequent History and Work of the Land Committee; Minerals and Energy; Summary and Evaluation of the NRPB's Activities in Natural Resources; 9 NRPB Reports Concerning People and Their Lives; Population Studies; Housing; Research; Welfare and Security; Summary and Evaluation; 10 NRPB Economic Inquiries and Reports; Public Works; Consumer Incomes and Expenditures Industrial Organization and LocationGeneral Economic Studies; 11 NRPB Concerns With Transportation and Urban Structure; Transportation Studies; Urban Structure; Conclusion; 12 NRPB Reports on Planning; The NRPB Promotes Regional Planning; The NRPB Stimulates and Helps State Planning; The NRPB Helps Make City Plans; Summary; 13 The NRPB as War and Postwar Planner; In Defense and War Planning; In Postwar Planning; IV. THE NRPB IN THE STRUCTURE OF AMERICAN GOVERNMENT; 14 The NRPB in Relation to State and Regional Planning Organizations; Washington, Regions, and States How the NRPB Sought to Influence Regional and State Planning

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New Deal, 1933-1939.
United States. National Resources Planning Board.

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