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iPad for the Older and Wiser : Get Up and Running with Your Apple iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini - 4th ed. - Hoboken : Wiley, 2013. - 1 online resource (322 p.) - eBooks on Demand The Third Age Trust (U3A)/Older & Wiser . - The Third Age Trust (U3A)/Older & Wiser .

Contents; Introduction; What is the iPad?; How this book is structured; Part I: Getting started with your iPad; Chapter 1: Choosing an iPad; How much storage space do you need?; Which generation of iPad to choose; Connecting to the Internet: Wi-Fi or 4G/3G?; Summary; Brain training; Chapter 2: Getting your iPad up and running; Setting up your iPad; Turning the iPad on and off; Completing your iPad settings; Confirming setup over Wi-Fi; Creating an Apple ID; Enabling useful features; Navigating the Home screen; Changing the iPad orientation; Making your iPad easier to use Adjusting other iPad settingsCharging your iPad; Summary; Brain training; Chapter 3: Getting connected; Setting up your Internet connection; Securing your iPad; Using the iTunes software on your computer; Introducing iCloud; Updating your iPad software; Apple iOS 7: the latest iPad software; Summary; Brain training; Chapter 4: Keeping notes on your iPad; Understanding the Notes screen; Writing your first note; Dictating notes to your iPad; Dictating notes with Siri; Using Auto-text to speed up your writing; Creating your own shortcuts; Editing your text; Adding and deleting notes Emailing and printing notesSearching your notes; Using the Reminders app; Summary; Brain training; Part II: Using your iPad for communications; Chapter 5: Managing your address book and birthday list; Browsing your contacts; Adding contacts to your iPad; Adding birthdays and anniversaries; Searching your contacts; Summary; Brain training; Chapter 6: Keeping in touch by email; Creating an email account; Using an existing email account on your iPad; Sending an email; Reading your emails; Managing email folders; Searching your emails; Downloading new emails; Summary; Brain training Chapter 7: Using FaceTime for video callsLogging in to FaceTime; Starting a FaceTime call; Talking to a friend using FaceTime; Receiving a FaceTime call; Summary; Brain training; Chapter 8: Sending instant messages using iMessage; Sending messages; Splitting the keyboard; Managing message alerts through the Notification Centre; Summary; Brain training; Chapter 9: Browsing the web; Entering a website address; Using the search box; Zooming the page; Scrolling the page; Using links on websites; Entering information on websites; Launching multiple websites with tabbed browsing Managing bookmarks, history and web clipsSharing website content; Using Reader to make it easier to read pages; Using Private Browsing mode; Summary; Brain training; Part III: Music, videos and photos; Chapter 10: Adding music and video; Browsing the iTunes Store; Buying music and video from iTunes; Using the iTunes Store on your computer; Removing content and downloading it again; Adding CDs to your iPad using your computer; Using iTunes Match to copy music to your iPad; Summary; Brain training; Chapter 11: Playing music and audiobooks; Playing audio content on your iPad; Playing audiobooks Playing podcasts and lectures

Apple's iPad puts a limitless world of entertainment, communication, and everyday functionality in the palms of your hands. iPad for the Older and Wiser, 4th Edition quickly teaches you how to make the most of your new gadget with easy-to-follow instructions. Fully updated to include the iPad Air and iOS 7, this step-by-step guide shows you exactly how to set up your device and discover what it can do - all in jargon-free language. Learn how to: Set up your iPad and copy music and photos from your computerKeep in touch with email and messagesBrowse the web and shop onlineHave video chats wi

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