West, Carolyn.

Violence in the Lives of Black Women : Battered, Black, and Blue - Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014. - 1 online resource (366 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Introduction; Overview of Violence; Battered, Black, and Blue: An Overview of Violence in the Lives of Black Women; Types of Violence; Childhood Sexual Abuse; Dating Violence; Intimate Partner Violence; Sexual Assault; Sexual Harassment; Psychological Sequelae; Substance Abuse; Depression; Suicide Attempts; Physical Health Problems; Toward Healing; References; Black Women and Community Violence: Trauma, Grief, and Coping; Exposure to Violence; Loss of Significant Others; Impact of Violence Exposure; Psychological Distress Loss and GriefAggression; Physical Health; Parenting; Coping; Suggestions for Intervention; Individual Level; Community Level; References; Types of Violence; Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Lives of Black Women: Risk and Resilience in a Longitudinal Study; The Women's Study; Participants; Procedures; Review of the Research; Consequences of Child Sexual Abuse; Re-Victimization; Resilience; Suggestions for Intervention; References; Grounding Our Feet and Hearts: Black Women's Coping Strategies in Psychologically Abusive Dating Relationships; Dating Violence Among Black Couples Black Women's Strategies for Coping with Intimate ViolenceThe Leaving Process; Coping Strategies; Goals of the Study; Method; Sample; Data Collection; Data Analysis; Results; Participants; Leaving as a Process; Assessment of the Relationship; Separation from Partner; Reestablishing Social Networks and Activities; Declaration of Self-Empowerment; Coping Strategies; Journals; Self-Help Books; Spirituality; Social Support Network; Therapy; Discussion; Suggestions for Intervention; References "The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back": African American Women's Strategies for Disengaging from Abusive RelationshipsBlack Women and the Leaving Process; Method; Design; Sample; Data Collection; Data Analysis; Results; Participants; Strategies for Disengaging from Abusive Relationships; Defining Moments; Moving Away; Moving On; Clinical Implications; Defining Moments; Moving Away; Moving On; References; Living at the Intersection: The Effects of Racism and Sexism on Black Rape Survivors; Historical Overview; Oppressive Images; Jezebel; Matriarch; Therapeutic Interventions Take a Supportive Therapeutic StanceAddress Oppressive Images; Encourage Social Support and Activism; Conclusion; References; Racialized Sexual Harassment in the Lives of African American Women; Application of Concepts to African American Women; Sexual Harassment; Racial Harassment; Racialized Sexual Harassment; Goals of the Study; Methods; Participants; Procedure; Data Analysis; Results; Racialized Sexual Harassment; Dimensions of Sexual Harassment; Discussion; Implications for Practice; Assessment; Therapeutic Interventions; Conclusion; References; Marginalized Populations "There's a Stranger in This House": African American Lesbians and Domestic Violence

Written from a Black feminist perspective by therapists, researchers, activists, and survivors, Violence in the Lives of Black Women: Battered, Black, and Blue sheds new light on an understudied field. For too long, Black women have been suffering the effects of violence in painful silence. This book—winner of the Carolyn Payton Early Career Award for its contribution to the understanding of the role of gender in the lives of Black women—provides a forum where personal testimony and academic research meet to show you how living at the intersection of many kinds of oppression shapes the lives of Black women. With moving case studies, in-depth discussions of activism and resistance, and helpful suggestions for treatment and intervention, this book will help you understand the impact of violence on Black women.

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