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Cover; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication Page; Table of Contents; Overview of the Vietnam War; Causes of the Vietnam War; Consequences of the Vietnam War; Communist Strategy; Opposition to the War; The Tet Offensive and the Media; U.S. Involvement in Indochina; Abrams, Creighton Williams, Jr.(1914-1974); African Americans in the U.S. Military; Airpower, Role in War; Attrition; Bao Dai (1913-1997); Barrel Roll, Operation (1964-1973); Bundy, McGeorge (1919-1996); Bundy, William Putnam (1917-2000); Bunker, Ellsworth (1894-1984); Cambodian Incursion (April 29-July 22,1970) China, People's Republic of, Policy toward VietnamCivil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support; Colby, William Egan (1920-1996); Con Thien, Siege of (September 4-October 4, 1967); Containment Policy; Cooper-Church Amendment; Cu Chi Tunnels; Dak To, Battle of (June 17-November 22,1967); Dau Tranh Strategy; Dien Bien Phu, Battle of (March 13-May 7,1954); Domino Theory; Eagel Pull, Operation (April 12,1975); Easter Offensive (1972); Farm Gate, Operation (1961-1967); Ford, Gerald Rudolph (1913-2006); Frequent Wind, Operation (April 29-30, 1975); Fulbright, James William (1905-1995) Geneva Conference and Geneva Accords of 1954Goldwater, Barry Morris (1909-1998); Gulf of Tonkin Incident (August 2 and 4,1964); Gulf of Tonkin Resolution; Haig, Alexander Meigs, Jr. (1924-2010); Hamburger Hill, Battle of (May 11-20,1969); Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969); Ho Chi Minh Campaign (April 1975); Ho Chi Minh Trail; Hue, Battle of (January 31-February 25,1968); Ia Drang, Battle of (October 19-November 26, 1965); Indochina War (1946-1954); Johnson, Lyndon Baines (1908-1973); Junction City, Operation (February 22-May 4, 1967); Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (1917-1963) Kennedy, Robert Francis (1925-1968)Kent State University Shootings (May 4,1970); Khe Sanh, Battle of (April-October 1967 and January-March 1968); Kissinger, Henry Alfred (1923-); Komer, Robert W. (1922-2000); Laird, Melvin Robert (1922-); Lam Son 719, Operation (February 8-March 24, 1971); Laos; Le Duan (1907-1986); Linebacker, Operation (May 10-October 23, 1972); Linebacker II, Operation (December 18-29, 1972); Lon Nol (1913-1985); Market Time, Operation (1965-1972); McCarthy, Eugene Joseph (1916-2005); McNamara, Robert Strange (1916-2009); Menu, Operation (March 18,1969-May 26, 1970) My Lai Massacre (March 16, 1968)Ngo Dinh Diem (1901-1963); Nguyen Van Thieu (1923-2001); Nixon, Richard Milhous (1913-1994); Paris Peace Accords (January 17, 1973); Pentagon Papers and Trial (1971); Pham Van Dong (1906-2000); Phoenix Program (1968-1972); Prisoners of War, Allied; Ranch Hand, Operation (January 12, 1962-January 7, 1971); Rolling Thunder, Operation (March 2, 1965-October 31, 1968); Rusk, David Dean (1909-1994); Search and Destroy; Sihanouk, Norodom (1922-2012); Steel Tiger, Operation (April 3,1965-December 11, 1968); Strategic Hamlet Program (1961-1964) Taylor, Maxwell Davenport (1901-1987)

The Vietnam War was one of America's longest, bloodiest, and most controversial wars. This volume examines the complexities of this protracted conflict and explains why the lessons learned in Vietnam are still highly relevant today.

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Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Sources.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975.

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