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Beginning iOS Social Games. - Dordrecht : Springer, 2014. - 1 online resource (301 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Contents at a Glance; Introduction; Chapter 1: Getting Started with Social Gaming; Game Kit: An Overview; Networking; Game Center; Voice Chat; Sample Game: UFOs; UFOs: Understanding the Game; UFOs: Examining the Source Code; Setting Up the Accelerometer Delegate; Drawing the Player to the View; Setting Up Cows, Beams, and Scores; Handling Rotation Events; Adding Player Movements; Watching for Touch Events; Spawning and Moving Cows; Performing a Hit Test with a UIImage; Abducting a Cow; Configuring iTunes Connect for Game Center; Getting Started with iTunes Connect Configuring Game Center in iTunes ConnectSummary; Chapter 2: Game Center: Setting Up and Getting Started; Testing for Game Center; Authenticating with Game Center; Modifying the GameCenterManager Class; Authenticating on iOS 6 and iOS 7; Authenticating Prior to iOS 6; Authenticating from UFOViewController; The Sandbox; Watching for Status Changes; Working with GKLocalPlayer; Retrieving a Friends List; Friend List Avatars; Working with Players; Summary; Chapter 3: Leaderboards; Why a Leaderboard?; An Overview of Leaderboards in Game Center Benefits of Using Apple's Leaderboard GUI Compared to a Custom GUIConfiguring a Leaderboard in iTunes Connect; Posting a Score; Setting a Default Leaderboard; Adding Score Posting to UFOs; Handling Failures When Submitting a Score; Presenting a Leaderboard; Customizing the Leaderboard; Modifying GameCenterManager; Filtering Results on a Custom Leaderboard; Displaying the Custom Leaderboard; Mapping a Player ID; Local Player Score; A Better Approach; Challenges; GKLeaderboard Sets; Summary; Chapter 4: Achievements; Why Achievements?; An Overview of Achievements in Game Center Benefits of Using Apple's Achievement GUI vs. a Custom GUIConfiguring Achievements in iTunes Connect; Creating a New Achievement; Presenting Achievements; Modifying Achievement Progress; Loading Achievements; Achievement Protocol; Resetting Achievements; Adding Achievement Hooks; Adding Hooks in UFOs; A Time-Based Achievement Hook; Another Convenience Method; Providing Feedback on Completing an Achievement; Adding Achievement Completion Banners; A Custom Achievement GUI; Retrieving Achievement Data; Recovering from a Submit Failure; Achievement Challenges; Summary Chapter 5: Matchmaking and InvitationsWhy Add Networking to Your App?; Common Matchmaking Scenarios; Creating a New Match Request; Presenting a Match GUI; Handling Incoming Invitations; Auto-Matching; Matching Programmatically; Adding a Player to a Match; Reinviting Players; Player Groups; Player Attributes; Understanding Player Attribute Limitations; Working with Player Attributes; Player Activity; Using Your Own Server (Hosted Matches); Summary; Chapter 6: The Peer Picker; Benefits of the Peer Picker; Real-World Examples; Working with Sessions; Presenting a Peer Picker Advanced GKSession Interaction

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