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Topical Directions of Informatics : In Memory of V. M. Glushkov - Dordrecht : Springer, 2014. - 1 online resource (309 p.) - eBooks on Demand Springer Optimization and Its Applications . - Springer Optimization and Its Applications .

Preface; Captioned photographs; Contents; Chapter 1: Theoretical and Applied Programming; 1.1 Theoretical Programming as the Basis of Modern Technology for Creating Complex Systems; 1.2 Data Processing on Modern Supercomputer Systems; 1.3 Algebraic Algorithmics; 1.4 Coordination Models for Parallel Computing; 1.5 Pipeline Computing on Databases; 1.6 Recursive-Parallel Programming Technology; 1.7 Abstract Computing Theory; 1.8 Software Engineering: A Component Approach; Chapter 2: Supercomputers and Intelligent Technologies in High-Performance Computations; 2.1 Supercomputers and Their Use 2.2 Intelligent Technologies in High-Performance ComputationsChapter 3: Information Technologies as Tools for Studying Complex Processes; 3.1 Standardization and Its Role in the Development, Improvement, and Extensive Use of Information Technologies; 3.1.1 Unified Distributed IT of the Social Insurance Fund for Temporary Disability; 3.1.2 IT Supporting the Hearing of Petitions to the Supreme Court of Ukraine by Individuals and Legal Entities; 3.1.3 Information Technology of the Editorial Board of the News-and-Analysis Bulletin ``Visnyk Derzhavnykh Zakupivel´´ (Public... 3.1.4 Unified State System for Monitoring of Fuel and Energy Production, Supply, Transportation, Consumption, and Payment and ...3.1.5 Automation of Border and Migration Control in Ukraine; 3.1.6 Computer Technology for Simulation and Regional Weather Forecasting; 3.2 Some Approaches to the Development of Information Security in Computer Technology; 3.3 Development of Information Security and Hardware Personalization Tools; 3.4 The Dynamic Theory of Information and Its Implementation; 3.5 From Space Investigation to Computer Instrumentation 3.6 Telecommunication Systems as an Integral Part of Modern Information and Computer Technologies3.7 Applied Subsystems for Human-Computer Intelligent Interface; Chapter 4: Mathematical Modeling and Information Technologies for the Analysis of Economic Processes; 4.1 Modeling of Transition Economy; 4.2 National Debt Modeling and Optimization; 4.3 Modeling of Financial Sector and Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations; 4.4 Systems Analysis as a Tool to Process Data of Different Nature That Characterizes the Main Directions of Sustainable Devel... Chapter 5: Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Complex Processes5.1 Systems Analysis of Multicomponent Distributed Systems; 5.2 Mathematical Modeling of Geoinformatics and Ecology Processes Based on Relaxation Models; 5.3 Methods of Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Wave Processes; 5.4 Weighted Pseudoinversion and Solution Methods for Ill-Posed Problems of Linear Algebra; Chapter 6: Optimization Methods for Solving Problems of Transcomputational Complexity; 6.1 Subgradient Methods of Nonsmooth Optimization and Their Applications; 6.2 Discrete Optimization Methods 6.3 Stability Analysis of Vector Discrete Optimization Problems

This work is devoted to the late Ukrainian computer scientist V. M. Glushkov?on the 90th anniversary of his birthday. Dr. Glushkov is known for his contribution to the world computer science and technology and this volume analyzes the ideas and paths of development of informatics formulated by him and demonstrate their important role in constructing computer technologies of basic research in the fields of applied mathematics, theories of computer programming and computing systems.A significant portion of the monograph is devoted to the elucidation of new results obtained?in the field of mathem

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Electronic data processing.
Glushkov, Viktor Mikhai?lovich.

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