Crowley, Sharon.

The Methodical Memory : Invention in Current-Traditional Rhetoric - Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, 2010. - 1 online resource (230 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Cover; Book Title; Copyright Page; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Public Knowledge and Private Inspiration: On Invention, Classical and Modern; 2. How the Outside Gets Inside: The Psychology of the Methodical Memory; 3. How Insides Get Outside Again: The Logic of the Methodical Memory; 4. Subjects and Objects: Logical and Psychological Models of Invention in Early Current-Traditional Rhetoric; 5. Select, Narrow, and Amplify: Invention in Mature Current-Traditional Rhetoric; 6. EDNA Takes Over: The Modes of Discourse; 7. The Methodical Memory on Display: The Five-Paragraph Theme 8. So What's Wrong with Current-Traditional Rhetoric, Anyway?9. The Limits of Modern Epistemology for Writing Instruction or Why Current-Traditional Rhetoric Is Not a Rhetoric; Notes; References Cited; Index; Author Bio; Back Cover

In this first sustained critique of current-traditional rhetorical theory, Sharon Crowley uses a postmodern, deconstructive reading to reexamine the historical development of current-traditional rhetoric. She identifies it (as well as the British new rhetoric from which it developed) as a philosophy of language use that posits universal principles of mind and discourse. Crowley argues that these philosophies are not appropriate bases for the construction of rhetorical theories, much less guides for the teaching of composition. She explains that current-traditional rhetoric is not a rhetorical theory, and she argues that its use as such has led to a misrepresentation of invention.   Crowley contends that current-traditional rhetoric continues to prosper because a considerable number of college composition teachers-graduate students, part-time instructors, and teachers of literature-are not involved in the development of the curricula they are asked to teach. As a result, their voices, necessary to create any true representation of the composition teaching experience, are denied access to the scholarly conversations evaluating the soundness of the institutionalized teaching methods derived from the current-traditional approach.    

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