Ellwood, David W.

Rebuilding Europe : Western Europe, America and Postwar Reconstruction - Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014. - 1 online resource (287 p.) - eBooks on Demand The Postwar World . - The Postwar World .

Cover; Rebuilding Europe; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; List of Tables; List of Abbreviations; Editorial Foreword; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Chapter One. The Lessons of Last Time; Looking the disaster in the face; Renewing democracy; After nationalism; The revolt against laissez-faire; Building the American century; Commitments to the future; Chapter Two. The Realities of Survival 1945-47; The collapse of Europe?; The necessities of life; Work and want; The return to legality; Chapter Three. Managing the Shift to Peace; Reconversion and the uses of adversity Occupying GermanyThe search for stability; Chapter Four. The Reinvention of American Power; How the American view evolved; Aid plans, loans and the Cold War; To the 'Truman Doctrine'; Views of Europe in spring 1947; Chapter Five. The Road to the Marshall Plan; The immediate background; The birth of the Plan; The responses in Europe; The purposes of the Plan; The first design; The Marshall Plan as historical monument; The effects of the Cold War on the Marshall Plan; Chapter Six. Interdependence and Defence: the Start of the Cold War; A new kind of conflict; Towards confrontation The military in America and Western Europe: strategic visions and capabilitiesChapter Seven. The Road to Containment; Defence and economics in Southern Europe; Defending Germany; The dwindling of the ideal of European unity; Chapter Eight. Interdependence and Economics: the Limits of Reform; Betting on the future; Attempting to fulfil the promises; Building the Welfare State; So far and no further: planning and nationalisation; The promises in crisis; Chapter Nine. Filling the Dollar Gap: the Evolution of the Marshall Plan; American pressure steps up; The European Payments Union Building confidence: the message of the Marshall PlanPolitical failure, economic success?; A framework for interdependence; Chapter Ten. From Korea to Recovery; The 1950 emergency; The crisis of the Marshall Plan; Guns and butter in the Korean phase: six country studies; Chapter Eleven. Hoping for Prosperity 1953-54 205; The future emerges: 1953; The United Nations analysis of postwar recovery; The continuing role of US aid; 1954 - a new kind of boom; Chapter Twelve. Expecting Growth 1955-61; Realisations; Americanisation and the politics of growth; The outcome of European Reconstruction TablesBibliography; Guide to Further Reading; Index

This book provides a reassessment of the processes by which western Europe was reborn out of the devastation of 1945. Concentrating on the first postwar decade David Ellwood gives a detailed account of the practicalities of reconstruction - how it was done, what it cost, who paid for it, and what those involved hoped for, expected and actually received.

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Europe -- Economic conditions -- 1945-.
Europe -- Foreign relations -- United States.
Europe -- Politics and government -- 1945-.
Reconstruction (1939-1951).
United States -- Foreign relations -- Europe.

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