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The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture : Volume 23: Folk Art - 1 - Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, 2013. - 1 online resource (519 p.) - eBooks on Demand The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture . - The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture .

CONTENTS; General Introduction; Introduction; FOLK ART OF THE AMERICANSOUTH; African American Expressions; African American Protective Arts; Art Cars; Art Education; Baskets, Lowcountry; Bottle Trees; Cajun and Creole Folk Art; Calligraphy and Penmanship; Canes; Caribbean American Folk Art; Craft Revival; Decoys; Environments; Eroticism; Face Jugs; Festivals and Fairs; Fraktur; Fraternal Societies; Furniture, Decorated and Painted; Furniture, Vernacular; Furniture, Vernacular, of Texas; Gravestone Carving; Interior Painting, Decorative; Jewish Ceremonial and DecorativeArts Landscape Painting (16th-19thCenturies)Landscape Painting (20th and 21st Centuries); Latino Folk Art; Memory Jugs; Memory Painting; Moravian Material Culture; Music and Musical Instruments; Outsider Art; Photography, Vernacular; Portraiture, to 1790; Portraiture, 1790-1850; Pottery; Prison Art; Quilting, African American; Quilts, General; Quilts and Embroidery, 20th Century; Religious Ephemera; Roadside Art; Rugs, Handsewn and Hooked; Schoolgirl Samplers andEmbroidered Pictures; Silhouettes; Soldier Art of the Civil War; Theorem Painting; Toys; Trade Signs; Tramp Art; Visionary Art Weathervanes, Whirligigs, andWhimseysAaron, Jesse James; Adkins, Minnie; Albritton, Sarah; Almon, Leroy, Sr; Amézcua, Consuelo González(Chelo); Andrews, George Cleveland; Armstrong, Zebedee B; Arning, Eddie; Arnold, Edward Everard; Arnold, John James Trumbull; Artists with Disabilities; Ashby, Steve; Audubon, John James; Aust, Gottfried; Barker, Linvel; Bell, Solomon; Benavides, Hector Alonzo; Benson, Mozell; Bernhart, Peter; Black, Calvin and Ruby; Blizzard, Georgia; Bolden, Hawkins; Bowlin, Loy Allen; Brown, Jerry Dolyn; Brown, William Henry; Brown Family; Burleson, Thomas Monroe Butler, DavidByron, Archie; Calloway, Frank; Cartledge, William Ned; Catesby, Mark; Christ, Rudolph; Clark, Henry Ray; Cobb Family; Coins, Raymond Willie; Consalvos, Felipe Jesus; Cooke, George E; Cooper, Ronald E. and Jessie F; Cornett, Chester; Craig, Burlon B; Cromer, John James (J J); Crowell, Harold; Culver, John; Cunningham, Earl; Davis, Ulysses; De Batz, Alexandre; Dellschau, Charles August Albert; Dennis, Herman D; Dering, William; Dey, John William (Uncle Jack); Dial, Richard; Dial, Thornton, Sr; Doyle, Sam; Drake, David (Dave the Potter); Drgac, Peter Paul; Dulaney, Burgess Earl, Ralph E. W., JrEdmondson, William; Ehre Vater Artist; Ellis, Milton; Evans, James Guy; Evans, Minnie; Ezell, Nora; Farmer, Josephus; Ferdinand, Roy, Jr; Finster, Howard; Folk Art Society of America; Freeland, Henry C; Fryar, Pearl; Frymire, Jacob; Gee's Bend; Gibson, Sybil; Golding, William O; Gudgell, Henry; Guilford Limner (Dupue); Hall, Dilmus; Hamblett, Theora; Hampton, James; Harding, Chester; Harris, Felix "Fox"; Harvey, Bessie Ruth White; Hawkins, William Lawrence; Heltzel, Henry (Stony Creek Artist); Hesselius, John; Highwaymen; Hill, Kenny; Holley, Lonnie; Hoppe, Louis Hudson, Julien

New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Volume 23: Folk Art

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